Signs of a Negative Person

We cannot always choose the situations we go through in life, but, we can definitely choose the company around us. How or what we turn out in life is largely influenced by the company we keep. Negative people can be extremely tough to deal with. I am not talking about those who occasionally give you real talk about your life, which could be negative remarks or criticism.

How To Move on From A Relationship

Getting over a relationship isn’t easy but it’s not impossible as well. Always remember before you found him/her you used to live alone and you were happy just by yourself. Don’t ever lose your hope on love because of one breakup. There is always Mr./Ms perfect waiting at the door for you. Don't stay sad and choose to be happy.

Signs of a Cynical Person

A cynical person is someone whose outlook towards any matter is always negative. They think everyone is motivated by their own selfishness. They believe that the world is incapable of unselfish duties. It’s good to be alert about the worst things to come in life, but destroying every bit of positivity with the constant worrying and negativity will not be doing any good.

Signs of Commitment Phobe

While some people are capable of spilling their heart out and form a strong healthy relationship, there are some who are afraid of commitment. Their fear of commitment is usually the fear of getting the heart broken, again. When you have been betrayed or heart-broken a few times, it comes naturally to be cautious; it might also be the result of some childhood issues. There are not much dead giveaways to decide if someone is a commitment phobe.

Similarities Among Leadership and Psychopathic Traits

The traits of an effective leader are always admired and there are countless books and articles on how to acquire these traits of a leader. While people are always keen to learn about these leadership traits, they want nothing to do with Psychopaths or any of their traits. What most people do not understand is the undeniable similarities between the traits of a leader and a psychopath.

How to Lie Convincingly

Lying in itself is a talent. While the general idea is to go with the truth, nothing but the truth, lies can definitely come in handy once in a while, right? The point is we shouldn’t be lying at all. Yet, we are often in circumstances where we must lie to get out of the situation, whether it’s hiding from parents that you are drunk or making excuses for incomplete home works with your teacher.

How to Deal with Negative People?

Having negative people around you can be frustrating. They tend to suck all the joy out of you. It’s not that they are evil and have bad intentions, but whenever they start talking to you or even just around you, you can almost feel yourself being drained, your mood starting to ruin itself. Negative people can be harmful in a sense that they can cast off their effect on you. Continuously being around a negative person is definitely not healthy.

How not to be late?

Being late is one of the worst characteristics anyone could have. The only thing being late proves is that you are irresponsible, lack organizational skills and disrespectful towards other’s time. Its not about the occasional lateness which cannot be helped. Some people have the tendency to be late every time. We all know these people who just can’t help it. Even if they wake up at 6 am, they will still be late for the 9 am meeting, every time.