10 Signs to Spot a Liar

Researchers claim that our instinct for detecting lies is fairly strong. Being able to detect lies is a valuable asset. Watching FBI officers read the body language and facial expressions to detect lies in TV shows and movies have made us further keen regarding the matter. Some people have the instinct to detect lies. For those of us who are not so good at it, there is science.

8 Reasons Why People Procrastinate

The best of us procrastinate. It’s an extra-ordinary trait of human kind, we can just put off any kind of work for later and find a perfect excuse to convince ourselves. From the simplest of daily chores to submitting your work on time (for instance, articles on deadline), we all procrastinate. Although it seems harmless, researchers have found that constant procrastination can lead to stress, worry, diminished performance, all of which goes without saying.

How to End Bad Relationship in Right Way

Are you in bad relationship? Get out of it.

Increasing number of people taking relationships lightly have resulted to millions of unhappy and failed relationships worldwide. It’s always wise to save our relationship and keep it healthy. However, sometimes no matter how much we try, things do not work accordingly and relationships turn out to be burden. They tend to affect us mentally, emotionally, and physically.

6 Benefits of Flirting

Flirting is a great way to let someone know you are interested. No romance has ever been possible without flirting. Back in the days when marriages were arranged, it took certain time and good bit of flirting before the spouses finally start getting comfortable with each other. Even if you are in a committed relationship, healthy casual flirting will do you no harm. You need it even more if you are single.

9 Ways to Get on Someone’s Nerves

Let’s admit it, getting on someone’s nerve can be so much fun. We have all done it. And we are not ashamed of it. In fact, we are so proud of it we boast about it so often. But, it’s only as much fun when you are doing it intentionally, well, fun for you at least. Most of us are in this constant battle of; “who can irritate who?” Of course, things escalate pretty quickly when you have no holds barred.

9 Things Women Hate About Men

Men and women have a completely different thought process and there is a difference in the way they communicate. Men, in general, are shallow beings and their lack of understanding often annoys their female counterparts. Of course any list of things women hate about men would probably be endless. Here, I have taken the liberty to scribe down few of things about men that most annoys women.

7 Signs you are in a Dead-End Job

In today’s economy, getting a job itself is a challenge. Despite the required qualification and experience, we have insignificant amount of choices when it comes to deciding on the industry and the position we are hired in. When we finally get a job, we feel grateful at the opportunity and often times we are stuck in the same position. Only, if we were wise enough to figure out that we are in a dead-end job.