Why Quitting Smoking is so Hard?

Everyone knows Smoking is injurious to health. This phrase(or similar phrases) are printed in every cigarette packet out there and every advert that promotes cigarettes. And, yet there are millions of people who smoke around the globe. According to the recent study from the WHO, World Health Organization, the death toll as a result of smoking has climbed to 5 million each year.

13 Signs to Identify a Stoner

As an occasional “recreational” marijuana consumer myself, I often wonder about how many of my co-workers smoke weed and who is high right now? It does not necessarily take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that mystery, but not everyone is aware about the basic signs portrayed by a Stoner. And often times, signs of marijuana consumption are misread. There is no particular symptom that will tell you for sure that you are in a midst of smokers.

Biggest Marijuana Myths

Marijuana’s place in the civilized society has been debated countless times. Despite the lack of any decisive conclusion, the series of States in America slowly legalizing the “herb” for medicinal uses and Marijuana already being legal in parts of Europe should be answer enough for now. The major reason for why people have such negative perceptions about Marijuana is; government has mis-communicated the simple facts about Marijuana.

8 Things to Do As Teenager

Teenage is a wonderful phase of life, but only if you know how to live it right. Many of the teenagers see teenage as a stressful and confusing period. If you are among one of them, here are some things you should try at least once; you will surely enjoy them and your life. 

How to Avoid Friend Zone for Guys

You go out – meet a new girl – you really like her – you are very nice to her – baam! You end up in the friend-zone. This is the general idea of what happens to those who constantly get sucked into the friend zone. There are various factors at play for two people to get attracted to each other. Attractions are strange and instantaneous. Often times, it happens without our own conscious decision.