10 signs your soul is waking up

Soul awakening is something that can be gained by going deeper and beyond the mind. Soul awakening is unfathomable as it cannot be explained nor can be understood by using brains. To understand enlightenment/ soul awakening, one must experience it. Mind and body are the manifestation of the soul. No any person can awake their soul, unless they let go of their egoist thoughts.

8 Signs You Have Found Your True Love

True love is very rare these days. We have made rules for love. Rules of similarities and rules of attraction are mainly regarded as the basis for love nowadays. We are using rules and logic to choose our partners, all the time using our mind to make decisions. Any love relationship that has certain rules and logic is not love because love comes direct from heart, not mind.

Health Benefits of Green Cabbage

health benefits of green cabbage

Regardless of the color of cabbages you select- green or red or purple, all of them hold a lot of nutrition. However, the compounds of these cabbages differ from one another. A cup of cabbage supplies 4% of the vitamins as well as minerals which is recommended percentage for daily intake.

Five Positive Signs You’re an Escapist

Everyone’s got an escapist inside of them. The term “escapist” can be generally defined as the tendency to escape from reality and be lost in the world of dreams and fantasies. It’s not entirely a bad thing to be an escapist, but it does have its own share of positive and negative traits. There is an old saying, “Even the sugar tastes bitter when taken excessively”. It’s the same thing with escapism.

Health Benefits of Red Cabbages

The purplish color and peppery flavor of red cabbage are the result of two essential cancer-preventing substances. Because of its sulfur-based compounds, it has the peppery flavor and the color is the result of chemical. Regardless of the color of cabbages you select: green or red, both hold low calories and nutrients though the compounds differ.

How to Make Cabbage Juice

how to make cabbage juice at home

For being beautiful, getting healthier skin as well as making your immune system strong enough to compete with any diseases, just remember cabbage, a seemingly ordinary but greatly nourishing vegetable. Surely, the juice from cabbage will bestow the same benefits.

Benefits of Aloe Vera juice

Aloe Vera (AV) is a moist short stem-less plant from the species ‘Aloe’, first found in North Africa. This plant is also named as ‘Natural Healer’ or the ‘Miracle Plant’. The best thing about this plant is that it can grow in an extensive variety of climates and is indestructible until and unless the roots are drowned or get totally damaged. This plant can even endure the freezing cold temperature to scorching heat.