Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects

Apple Cider Vinegar is made from fermentation of crushed apple. The organic liquid has many health benefits and is used for many home remedial purposes like lowering cholesterol, indigestion, cure ache, help in weight loss, urinary tract infection(UTI), hair conditioning, skin care, cleaning agent, etc. as claimed by many people on internet, though science and researches have not proved those.

Some people take it as miraculously beneficial to health and cure-all for all kinds of diseases. It is very rich in potassium. Using apple cider vinegar in food by cooking and for medicinal purposes is safe if in small amounts for short term like 1 to 2 teaspoons (5-10ml) per day. Even when used, it should be heavily diluted. Consuming it in large amount might not be safe and even a small amount might be dangerous for people taking medications of different types of diseases as it might conflict with other health conditions. You should consult your doctor before using as a complementary or alternative medicine. Apple cider vinegar has burning properties as it is very acidic in nature and apple cider vinegar tablets have been researched to be harmful as it is not organic.

Apple cider vinegar has advantages as well as disadvantages

Some of the major side effects of apple cider vinegar are:

Interaction with other drugs

Apple cider vinegar can react with certain medicines like Digoxin (heart), Insulin, Diuretics, Bumetanide, Metolazine, Chlorothiazide, Lasix, etc. because of its acidic properties. Doctors are against the use of apple cider vinegar as it can prevent other medicines from working and change the properties of those medicines which can ultimately cause harm to the body like kidney damage. Potassium level might drop and even be dangerous.

You must be beware and consult a doctor before using apple cider vinegar in a large amount if you are using any other perception medications for other diseases. It affects insulin, blood sugar and blood pressure directly, so should never be consumed with medications for those problems.

Erosion of teeth enamel and gums problem

Apple cider vinegar is used by some people for whitening their teeth, which is very bad for the health of their teeth as it erodes the first layer of teeth called enamel. Acetic acid of apple cider vinegar makes them prone to easy decay, yellowing, increased sensitivity and difficult to chew. It can also cause bleeding and itching of gums.

Dilute use does not cause this problem, so you can mix it in a lot of water to prevent teeth problem. You can rinse your mouth after using it or use straw. You should contact your dentist if your teeth or gums are causing any problem due to the use of apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar causes teeth erosion

Stomach problems and nausea

You might get stomach ache for some hours after using apple cider vinegar by causing acidity and burning stomach walls. To prevent it, you can use baking soda or honey with it. It can also make you feel nauseous but not vomiting usually. It can cause digestive problems like indigestion and heartburn due to gastrointestinal issues. People with ulcers will face more problems.

Researches done by University of Arkansas’s Department of Human Environmental Science show that it can also corrode stomach lining. Though people who are in favor of it as stomach tonic say that it balances PH level, prevents unwanted acid production in stomach, prevents acid reflux and prevent stomach pain.

Lowers potassium levels

If you consume about 8 ounces of apple cider vinegar every day for some time, it can lower your body’s natural potassium levels, a state that is called hypokalemia. Many drugs and medications reacts with it to reduce potassium levels dangerously creating emergency medical situations like muscles cramps, constipation, palpitations, etc. People who take insulin and diuretics should be more careful about using it. Though people speak for it as agent for increasing potassium, it eventually and gradually decreases potassium level.

Decrease in bone density

Bone density is lowered by apple cider vinegar

Low potassium level caused by apple cider vinegar can reduce bone density due to its acidic nature and low potassium level if used for long duration. People suffering from osteoporosis must be most careful. You should ask doctor before using it.

Skin problems

People believe that apple cider vinegar cleanses impurities of body and causes ache as impurities try to come out from skin. Skin corroding has also been found to be a side effect. Direct application on skin can cause burns, hives rashes and irritation in skin. Concentrated apple cider vinegar is very strong and affects skin in a bad way. Swelling and redness of face can also happen. Itching all over can also happen to some. Allergic reactions are not common but has been found in some people. If you get this kind of allergic reactions, avoid using it in future.

Migraines and headaches

Detoxification can cause headaches in some people with the use of apple cider vinegar. It can last for some weeks. Stop using it if it is severe or continues for a long time. It can even lead to migraines due to release of toxins by brain. It can sometimes be extremely painful.

Decrease in minerals

Detoxification releases bad substances as well as good, so it can remove minerals too. You can take multi-vitamins and mineral supplements to prevent yourself from getting harmed by it.

Throat burns

Acidic nature of apple cider vinegar burns and irritates the throat, irritates esophageal wall and causes sore throat. It only happens if apple cider vinegar is taken in concentrated form. If diluted, it is easier to swallow and does not cause any throat problems. It is one of the most common side effect that is found if used for a long time. There are cases of people burning and damaging their esophagus by drinking it. Pills are more harmful than organic liquid vinegar. So, if you get problems with it, contact your doctor.

Damage to hair

Apple cider vinegar causes hair damage

Many people are of opinion that it is good for hair conditioning as it has acetic acid, but it is a myth. Small amounts can make your hair better by giving shine and conditioning, but if used in a large amount, it damages hair. It makes hair dry and can cause many other problems.

Though apple cider vinegar has many wellness and health rewards, this organic supplement has many side effects that must be considered before use.