Aloe Vera Juice Side Effects

side effects of aloe vera

Aloe Vera (AV) is a small branch less plant from the class ‘Aloe’. People have been consuming this plant for thousands of years as a remedial source for various health and beauty related problems. Due to this property of Aloe Vera, it is known as the ‘miracle plant’ or ‘natural healer’ all around the globe. The best thing about this plant is that it can grow in a broad variety of climates and is everlasting until and unless the roots are drowned or get entirely smashed.

However, along with the benefits, this plant has some dark sides as well.The allergic reaction to some people, different reaction to certain kind of medicines are some of its drawbacks. It is because of the yellow latex found in aloe vera that is probably dangerous. However, the cases of the side effects are very rare. Mentioned below are te side effects of using Aloe Vera.

Causes several stomach problems

Aloe Vera is filled with Anthraquinones, a type of chemical that can increase the risk of diarrhea if taken in large quantity. Diarrhea triggered by the laxative is severe most of times. It is also accompanied by pain, dehydration, stomach cramps, etc. None the less, red urine is also one of the side effects of Aloe Vera which is caused because of electrolyte imbalance in tha body. Do not take aloe latex, if you have problems of stomach including ulcerative colitis,appendicitis, intestinal obstruction,diverticulosis, hemorrhoid, or stomach obstructions. It may also cause severe bowel irritation.

Injurious to those who Have Heart Problems

injurious to people with heart problem

Aloe Vera juice is popular to reduce the risk of several heart diseases. However, it is injurious to people who have heart problems because consumption of Aloe Vera juice can produce extreme amount of adrenaline which has complex effects on heat. Aloe Vera juice can also lessen potassium levels resulting weakness, unbalanced heartbeats and several more problems. So, before taking Aloe Vera juice, it would be better if you refer to an expert.

Aids sugar level to fall too low

Glyburide, a medicine used to cure type 2 diabetes as well as aloe vera, help to maintain the level of sugar in the blood. But you need to be cautious not to suffer from hypoglecemia, a condition when the sugar level fall too low.

Not good in Pregnancy

aloe vera juice is not good for pregnant women

The presence of Anthraquinones can cause the severe conditions such as diarrhea or abdominal cramping which can be really harmful for the baby and can lead to miscarriage as well. Pregnant woman can suffer from uterine contraction if taken Aloe Vera juice in large quantities. Plus, the components of aloe may also be emitted through breast milk. So, doctors suggest not to take in Aloe Vera during pre and post pregnancy.

In a research published in University of Maryland Medical Center, consuming aloe latex may cause diarrhoea or serious intestinal cramps. Pregnant women should certainly not take in aloe latex as it may lead to uterine contractions and cause miscarriage.

Reactive with Drugs

When you are prescribed with certain drugs like oral diabetes medications, sevoflurane (used in surgery as an anesthesia), anti-cancer drugs, anti-inflammatories, antifungal, antiviral, gastrointestinal drugs etc, consuming Aloe Vera juice has adverse effect because of the highly reactive property of chemicals present in it that reacts with these drugs. Not just drugs but Aloe Vera juice is also highly responsive with some other natural herbs as well.

According to University of Maryland Medical Center consuming aloe vera orally can reduce levels of potassium in the body. Plus, aloe latex must not be consumed by people who consume or digoxin (a drug used to cure irregular heartbeats) and diuretics (water pills). These medications minimize the level of potassium in the body. Therefore, you need to be careful before combining aloe vera and these drugs since it minimizes the potassium levels.

Carcinogenic Actions

Studies have found carcinogenic formations in rats that consumed a whole leaf of Aloe Vera. This formation is the direct cause of cancer. Though it has not been tested with humans, there are high chances that it might be the same with humans as well. Research has found that because of the carcinogenic formation Aloe Vera increases the possibility of Colorectal Cancer.

Lowers Blood Pressure

low blood pressure

Aloe Vera juice can help lessen the blood pressure since it contains vitamin C. One of the studies found that taking in 500mg of vitamin C for 4 weeks decreased blood pressure by 9%. It is one of the benefits of Aloe Vera juice but people who are the victim of hypoglycemia and diabetes should avoid taking the juice since it may cause weakness and dizziness. Consulting experts before taking Aloe Vera juice would be the best thing one can do.

Kidney damage

Though Aloe Vera is considered good for keep our kidney healthy, consuming it at inappropriate amount can be terrible. More Aloe Vera juice can lead to the risk of kidney damage as well by building blood in the pelvis. One of the research claims that high doses of latex (yellow substance) found in Aloe Vera is the major reason for causing kidney failure.

Skin Allergies

skin allergy caused by aloe vera

Aloe Vera is popular to reduce skin inflammation, irritation, burns, frostbite, or wound healing. However, the remedy can be applied by people who do not have sensitive skin or who are not allergic to Aloe Vera. Before applying Aloe Vera, you need to confirm whether or not you are sensitive to Aloe Vera.

Crohn’s disease

Patients with Crohn’s disease (soreness of the lining of the digestive system) should be cautious to take in Aloe Vera. It has a laxative substance that can add up more several stomach problems including ulcers, intestinal obstruction, loose stools, stomach pain and more.

There are several benefits of Aloe Vera juice. But there are dark sides as well which we need to be aware about. So, before we start consuming the juice, it is better to consult a doctor first.