Cons (Negative Signs) of Being an Escapist

As an escapist, you might be creative and even happier when you are lost in your own world, but escapism does have its share of negative traits. When pushed to a next level, escapism might even feel like a curse more than a boon.

Here, we have discussed five negative signs of being an escapist.

Lack of Productivity

dumb person, Cons (Negative Signs) of Being an Escapist

Escapists are always looking to achieve greater things in life, which means there is a good chance that if you are an escapist, you hate your job. This leads to more and more of those day dreams where the universe revolves solely around you. This might gradually decrease your focus on your work and reduce your performance. The lack of deeds combined with over-imagination is never a good combination, and is in fact the path of doom for your career.

Addiction to Video Games

video game addict child, Cons (Negative Signs) of Being an Escapist

The best thing about video games is that they make you feel like you are a part of the animated world. Video games are great for blowing off steam and killing some time. However, as an escapist who is looking for an alternate reality might spend too much time being involved in the animated reality. With the games like SIMs, users can create their own reality, and they might be reluctant to let go of the universe they have created.

The world ain’t no sunshine and rainbows

A feat common in most escapists, in terms of imagination is their fantasy of the future, living the dream and so on. It’s all beautiful and everything is under control while thinking about it, but getting out there in the real world and struggling can be full of negativity and setbacks. Most escapists might just give up at the sight of the harsh world and go back to their dreamy shell where they can control everything and feel happy.


Procastionation,Cons (Negative Signs) of Being an Escapist

Procrastination is mankind’s greatest enemy. It is holds back from progression and pursuing passion. Escapists are so engaged in fantasies, and their creative muscles work over time to create every possible scenario of their actions. Asking too many questions about what may or may not happen, only helps to ignite their fear of failure. Actions seem too hard, while the day dreaming too comforting. Escapists tend to resort to procrastination rather than actually working hard to pursue their passion.

Unable to Face Uncertainty

Unable to Face Uncertainty, uncertain stairs, Unable to Face Uncertainty

The false sense of security and certainty in the dreams is the major cause for escapists to lose track of time and stay trapped in the virtual world. When a person spends too long dreaming about comfort, the uncertainty of numerous possibilities might even be unbearable. This then leads to procrastination, further day dreaming and so on.