How to Stay Positive

Staying positive can be a tough job when life gives nothing but lemons. We are no Buddha; we do get cranky in situations when things don’t go as per our plans. The negative emotions whirl up entirely in our mind and body making us rather restless and depressed. Nevertheless, keeping these few things in mind might help you get through and make lemonade out of those lemons.

Photo to demonstrate positive feeling

Affirmations and Tips to Stay Positive

Change your perspective

Changing your perspective widens your option. Make your outlook towards life more broad and positive, and see how things go. Don’t get affected by smaller things. In short, don’t make a mountain out of the molehill.

Life has Phases

Life can be ruthless sometime but remember, it is not the end of the world. Life has phases that passes as time goes by. So, a certain thing that seems important to you at present is not necessarily going to be of your concern few months/years from now. Time change everything, even the size of the Universe.

Learn to find Positivity

One of the key characteristic of a positive person is that he/she has learned to find little flowers in a thorny cactus. Meaning, they see positive aspects in every negative situation they confront. That’s the way you keep up with life when it isn’t too beautiful.

Start your day in a good way

Man meditating in the morning

To have a good day, you should have a remarkable morning. As it is true to an extent, remember to start your day with a good quote, a good cup of coffee and some good music; it cherishes your mood and keeps your positive energy charged throughout the day.

Eat, Sleep and Exercise

Your attitude is connected to your health. If you eat and drink healthy, you will feel good. As a matter of fact, when your mood is right, nothing bad can fuss you over. In addition, do some physical exercises and meditation which helps you relax your mind and body.

Learn from Experiences

Good times cannot teach you as much as bad times do. It makes you wiser than you are today. These are such wonderful learning experiences of life, which cannot be found elsewhere.

We Have our Shares

Everyone have their own personal battles, victories and defeats. Not all the time, it are going to be good and not all the time, it is going to be bad. We have our shares of the times, so why stress over a certain share that’s not going right. Because, the sun will rise again.

Fit Yourselves in Others Shoes

People only see their side of the story and forget the other bringing about a one-way traffic in our thoughts and actions. This often leads to disputes and misunderstandings between people around them, which promotes to negativity. Always make sure, you put their viewpoint in consideration while approaching a certain situation. Be a good listener and try to understand their mental process.

Cut Off the Negatives

It is important to analyze and spot negative portion in your life. Identify the negative people, attitude, habits that you have and cut them off. Change is not easy but it’s necessary if you want to be positive.

Live the Moment

Every moment can be a memory

Getting caught up in a negative situation might not always have to do something with the present. Sometimes dwelling too much unnecessarily in the past actions and the future can lead to energy drain. Live in the current moment. Because what is happening right now is more significant than what happened or what will happen. Whenever you find yourself stressing over the situations out of your control, put a right end to it.

No matter how hard life gets, your attitude is what that will make you through. We only live once, now you have to decide, how you are going to live it. So, don’t forget the fact that despite how awful situations get, somewhere, someday, everything will go back to right order and things will be better again. Also, don’t forget to smile. A smile can simply fool your brain into thinking that everything is well in the world.