How to know if you are in love

Love is a beautiful feeling that helps a person to encounter beautiful as well as sour memories. Its not necessarily important for a person to have his/her first love to be proven successful. A person who endures love can experience and know love in a better way. Love can hurt sometimes but makes a person alive. There are many ups and downs that hits the way of the lovers hard. Only through mutual understanding and love can they get through the tough times. Love comes unexpectedly, sometimes it is difficult and almost impossible to know if it is love or infatuation. But with the help of points laid down below, you might know if its love or something else that’s in the air.

cuople at a beach, how to know if you are in love

1.You before me

You will always think about them before doing anything. Your likes and dislikes will slowly change into theirs. Even if the taste of music between you and your partner differ, you will give an ear to them. You will be ready to give up anything just to see a smile on your partners face and sacrifice your most favorite thing so that it makes them happy.

2. Passionate kiss

passionate kiss, how to know if you are in love

The way you kiss them also makes difference. Even if it’s your first kiss, you try to bring perfection. You kiss them with an intense feeling and act as if no one except him/her exist in this whole world. You get lost into your partner and feel relaxed and happy as when you kiss them.

3. Remembrance of memories

Walking holding hands at evening time, watching movies, looking at the sky is the most common thing partners do in love. Whenever you miss them you will memorize the first day you had met with him/her and all the moments you shared together. You will smile looking at the memories with your partner and nothing will make you forget them

4. Eye contact

boy and girl eye contact, how to know if you are in love

It is the most exact feeling of being in love .Your eyes wont rest from looking into their eyes. Whenever you talk or meet. You will directly look into your partner’s eyes which will sparkle and deliver a beautiful love message to them. As we say eyes never lie, the curiosity of seeing a world in their eyes is a signal of you falling in love.

5. Intense care

You will begin to worry about your partner more than you care about anyone. Love changes a ruthless, selfish, careless person into a delicate person. You will be truly devoted towards your partner and think a thousand times before doing anything. He/she will be your no.1 priority and the only thing you will want so desperately. You will begin to worry about her/his absence and let them know how important your partner is for you.

6. Trust

Trust is the most essential thing in love. Despite of the number of days you have met her/him, you will share everything with your partner. He/she will be the most trusted person and sharing secrets with them makes you feel relaxed. When you tell them your problems, you will think as if the problem has been solved which will reduce your stress.

7. Possessiveness

No matter how much you try not to create a boundary, a little bit of possessiveness is possible. If you are in true love nothing can stop you from saying he/she is yours. You will always want them to look into you and say “Look that’s my only love”. Even if you want to let them be without you, deep down you cannot do it. And sometimes permitting him/her to be around other peoples (opposite sex) puts you off.

8. Creating Memories (making him/her feel special)

boy singing, how to know if you are in love

No matter how tight schedule you have, you will always want to meet your partner and spend time with them. Even if you are poor at singing, dancing, gaming and other activities, you will want to do those activities just to see a smile on their face. You will bump out from your zone to do creative stuffs for them.