10 signs your soul is waking up

Soul awakening is something that can be gained by going deeper and beyond the mind. Soul awakening is unfathomable as it cannot be explained nor can be understood by using brains. To understand enlightenment/ soul awakening, one must experience it. Mind and body are the manifestation of the soul. No any person can awake their soul, unless they let go of their egoist thoughts.

When we do not get any happiness from the outer world, we start to search for that happiness inside ourselves. That is when; our soul starts to wake up. Also, meditation and vast knowledge on spiritual awakening can lead us to dig a little deeper inside ourselves. Many people are not aware of this but due to various experiences (mostly painful), their soul starts to wake up. You can go through the given signs and see if they match.

1. Isolation

man in solitude, isolation, soul awakening

A state of keeping oneself away from others, avoiding any sort of company. But its rather in a positive sense than a negative in this process of awakening. You might have or probably will be facing these

  • Like to sit alone in in silence because the crowd doesn’t amuse you anymore
  • Started to talk less and do not participate in any materialistic talks which do not help in your personal growth
  • Are fully present and listening but you do not want to participate much
  • Have become straight forward

2. Synchronization

Something happening or occurring at the same time, rate with exact co-incidence is Synchronization. You have probably found this part amusing. Different people encounter different synchronization. Some of the examples are:

  • Started to encounter various coincidences
  • Start to see the synchronized numbers such as 1111, 1717, 0303 and so on
  • Think of a song in your head and suddenly, you hear it playing somewhere
  • Meet with many people who have the same names in the same day
  • Many kinds to coincidences start to take place which keeps you in dilemma if they were only coincidences or something else

3. Knowledge

knowkedge, books, soul awakening

You feel the shifts of your energy from ignorance to knowledge. This is a certain point of soul awakening when you wake up and find you had known nothing till date. You feel like you need to feed your increasing energy with lots of knowledge. So you have,

  • Started to read books that include life lessons and wisdom.
  • If not books, searching in internet.
  • Started sensing the increasing knowledge within oneself. It’s like you have found right answers. So, you want to share that right answers with the right people who need those answers to move on.

4. Honesty

You are honest most of the times and speak your heart out not caring about the judgments of people around you. You accept if you are wrong and try to learn what is right in real. If you do not like to do a certain thing, you don’t hesitate to give a humble and honest ‘no’.

5. light and dark

light and dark part of soul awakening

You have started to love the sunlight. You enjoy the warmth of sunlight on your face and body without any outer purposes of tanning the skin. Also, you do not carry the fear of your skin getting dark anymore because you are more devoted towards your inner purposes. Also, you admire the darkness equally instead of fearing it. You have started to understand that darkness is a necessary part.

6. Decreased Negativity

You are mostly calm and happy. You can sense decreased negativity in yourself and they can be,

  • Decreasing anger, fear, anxiety, sadness, insecurity, jealousy, competitiveness, selfishness, and other negative emotions.
  • Becoming wiser.
  • Not involving yourself in meaningless arguments.
  • Having a high self esteem.
  • Taking responsibility for yourself rather than expecting from others and blaming others.

7. Compassion

compassion, Soul awakening

You have started to feel a sudden growth in your love for others. You are becoming compassionate and some examples are:

  • Respect everyone for however they are and you care about them.
  • Cannot stand the sadness and pain of other people.
  • Dream of changing this world and making it a better place where everyone is happy and making others happy.
  • Like to help people a lot now
  • Do not hesitate to give to needy people.

8. Stillness

You have started to sense stillness. It is like going into a timeless dimension where everything is frozen. This place is completely new but you feel like you belong. The stillness takes you away from your pains of past and worries of future. You are completely present. In this state of stillness, your senses are active and your mind has stopped. Although your mind stops, you receive very sacred knowledge that has rest inside you till now.

9. World is Beautiful

You can see the world clearly now. You have started to admire the nature. You enjoy the greenery, the flowers, the river, the sky, the stars, the moon and the sun. You feel that you are connected to all of them. You have also started to see beauty in every person. No matter how bad we are in our outer forms, you know that a greater love resides inside all of us.

10. Alone But Not Lonely

man alnone but not lonely, soul awakening

You are changing. So, many people close to you may not like this change. They may also think that you have become crazy. But, you know that you have a higher power that is with you all the time. Though you are not socially active now, you have found your home and you are comfortable. In this process of spiritual awakening, you may loose some of your relationships but your relation deepens more and more with those who stay.