5 ways to recognize yourself

Who am I? – the question that most of the children ask themselves after they start to understand and retrieve this materialistic world. There also arises the questions of how did I come here? and Where was I when I was not born in this world? This deep curiosity starts to fade when the ego starts becoming stronger.

The purposes of earning status quo, gaining name and fame covers up the sole purpose of recognizing thyself. We are lost in the virtual world that we ourselves created – the very sole cause of our ignorance and unhappiness.

We all have our own roles to play in this world like we used to play in our childhood – imitating the elders and recreating the scenes. The only difference is that we have lost the joy and fun we used to get in our childhood while playing the roles. Only the seriousness is alive now. We have completely forgotten ourselves.

There is no any found way to go back in time but here are some ways through which we can recognize who we are and where we belong.

1. Meditation


Meditation is a well known technique to recognize oneself. It’s funny that we need to dive into darkness to find the light.

It’s very difficult for most persons to sit straight and close their eyes just for one minute because we are so used to the brightness of the sun and other lights. We are totally dependent on these lights unknown of the fact that we ourselves are the light. We all are rushing towards materialistic achievements with our eyes open while all we have to do is take a pause and close our eyes and all the other things will be taken care of.

Once we learn to be in harmony with darkness, we’ll see a light shining through and we’ll be stunned to know that the light is us.

2. Sit in silence

girl sitting in silence

Apart from meditation, sitting in silence whenever we get time is very beneficial. Sitting in silence takes us away from the hectic world. In silence, we can hear ourselves clearly.

Generally, in real world, we have fallen into the maze of others’ opinions. We tend to become what others think of us. One single comment or compliment from others can completely change our perception towards ourselves.

So, we can flip the low self esteem towards positive vibration and thoughts by sitting in silence and listening to oneself. We can recognize our infinite potentials in silence.

3. Love


Love is the core energy that gives us all the good feelings. To recognize ourselves, we must learn to love ourselves. There is only one most effective way to love ourselves and that is by throwing all the negative thoughts out. Here, negative thoughts not only refer to the ones that are related to us but also to others.

Once we start loving ourselves, we feel an innate feeling of empathy for others as well. We start to love others as they are. There’s a saying, “love never die”. So, when we start loving ourselves and others, we feel most alive.

4. Watch what you think and do

be yourself

Many of us are not aware of what we really want. Some of us are so flexible and blended that we start to imitate other’s believes and nature while others are so rigid and egoist that it’s just so hard get them out from their comfort zone.

But, neither of these people are truly us. We all play an important role in this world. We just need to recognize our inner and outer purposes. So, we need watch our thoughts and activities to understand what we really want.

5. Do not judge

Most of us are judgmental in a way or another. It seems impossible for us to keep our head quiet even while watching a movie. There is always a kind of perception that tricks us into our own egoist world.

Our mind constantly has something to tell about whatever we see, taste, hear, smell and touch.
For Example: Try looking at a tree without any judgments and perceptions. Don’t think that it’s a tree. Don’t think that its green and got branches and leaves. Just be there and look at it; with an open mind, without any thoughts. That’s when you will realize that the thing you are looking at and the thing that is looking are the same.