6 Benefits of Flirting

Flirting is a great way to let someone know you are interested. No romance has ever been possible without flirting. Back in the days when marriages were arranged, it took certain time and good bit of flirting before the spouses finally start getting comfortable with each other. Even if you are in a committed relationship, healthy casual flirting will do you no harm. You need it even more if you are single. Flirting is an art, and it has plenty of benefits when done right, but when not, it just leaves a messy canvas that cannot be undone.

Flirting has also been known to have health benefits along with other advantages, who knew! Here are some of the vital benefits we could all do with.


1. Boost Your Confidence

Flirting can help you feel great about yourself. You will feel an immediate boost in your self-esteem. Regardless of your relationship status, if you haven’t been around much lately and haven’t had a flirty conversation with anyone, there is a good chance you aren’t feeling too good about yourself. A little bit of healthy flirting will make you feel attractive and confident for anything else too. It is essential to remember the boundaries, especially if you are in a relationship.

2. Eliminate Boredom and Loneliness

The daily routine of an everyday life can be pretty boring. When you have nothing new in life, you start sinking deeper down the hole of boredom and loneliness. Flirting can be the perfect escape you need. Also, if you have been mourning over your ex-partners, flirting can also help you get over the tragedy and make new friends. You are lonely when you don’t have any friends. Flirting can be the perfect escape, and will take you back to being a social butterfly.

3. ‘Feel Good’

It has been proven that flirting releases dopamine in the brain, which is literally the ‘feel good’ chemical. So, every time we smile at someone and have a polite conversation with someone we find attractive, these pleasure receptors in the brain are automatically activated. Flirting can help you relieve stress and stay calm. It’s also a brilliant exercise for your vocabulary and wittiness.

4. Boost your Immune System

Those who flirt on a regular basis, or have a flirty nature have been seen to have high white blood cell count. Surprising! High WBC count means you body has a much better chance of fighting against infections. It might not necessarily be enough proof, since it is yet to be stuck with the “scientifically proven” label. But, what have you got to lose with a healthy little flirting?

5. Makes you Self-Conscious

Flirting no doubt makes you feel attractive and confident and in turn, makes you appreciate yourself a little more. When you stop taking yourself for granted you start working on your physique, hopes and dreams. So, flirting can provide you with the much needed motivation to take better care of yourself. The positive energy received from flirting definitely brings you closer to your romantic partner.

6. Adrenaline Rush

When you start flirting, the blood flow in your system automatically increases. Maximum senses of your body start to become active. This adrenaline rush you receive from flirting can prove significant, as you become more focused on your work and take actions. We often wish we had the same rush of “adventure sport” when we are on our day job. Well, this might not be that huge of a rush, but will definitely give you an extra edge in comparison to your normal self.