7 Benefits of Avocado

Avocados are popular as the healthiest fruit in the world. Packed with nutrition and compounds to keep your body healthy, Avocados holds a lot of health benefits. A board certified nutritionist in New York, Franci Cohen shares that since avocados are loaded with fattening substance, right amount of the fruit should be taken to get the nutritional value.

Benefits of Avocados

Here are 7 awesome benefits of Avocados.

Reduces Arthritis

Avocados includes compounds which work as an antioxidants, fatty alcohols, as well as fatty acids. These compounds turn Avocados into anti-inflammatory agent. According to naturopathic doctor at the Rocky Mountain Wellness Clinic, Fort Collins, Dr. Matthew Brennecke, avocados aids in easing pain related with arthritis as well as osteoarthritis since it contains elements that prevents pro-inflammatory chemicals and regenerate normal connective tissue.

Keeps your Heart Healthy


Avocados help to maintain the cholesterol level in the body and helps to lessen the risks of heart diseases since avocados have mono-unsaturated as well as polyunsaturated fats. These fats are in fact, necessary and good for your body, specifically monounsaturated fat, which helps to decrease bad cholesterol level in our body. Plus, it is loaded with vitamin B6 which helps to prevent diseases such as stroke, diabetes and coronary artery disease.

Good for Cancer Patients

A human body requires to consume 20% Folate(water soluble Vitamin B) everyday and eating one-half of avocado can supply the required amount. It has been discovered that women consuming less amount of Folate can have the risks of breast cancer. And, avocados helps to reduce such risks. It also, protects against stomach, colon, pancreatic as well as cervical cancers.

Improves Immune System

A human body needs sufficient amount of fiber which is essential for the excretion of toxins everyday through the stool or bile. Avocados supplies that necessary amount of fiber to the body. Plus, research shows that dietary fiber improves immune system.

Good for Eyes


Avocados contains antioxidants required for good eye health. Plus, eating Avocados daily protects the eye tissues from sun damage and painless clouding in the internal layer of lens.

Reduces Depression

As avocados contains high levels of Folate, it also helps to lessen the risks of depression. Folate can prevent other nutrients and blood to reach our brain which causes depression.

Helps in Digestion

Avocados is loaded with fiber. You can get around 7 grams of fiber consuming one-half of fruit. This fiber can prevent constipation to regulate a healthy digestive system and further lessen the risk of colon cancer.