8 Signs you are in a Bad Company

bad influence

The kind of people we choose to have around us has a massive impact on our lives. ‘You are the average of 5 people around you.’ If you have positive people driven towards their goals around you, that’s what you will turn out to be. On the other hand, if you are surrounded by addicts and hooligans, that is exactly what you will become. A bum on the street. The company we choose to keep around us largely influence our daily life, our thoughts, beliefs and our perspective about the world. Sometimes it can be hard to decide whether the relationship is toxic and even tougher to terminate it. In the movie “A Bronx Tale”, Calogero knew his friends were bad influence, yet, he couldn’t just stop hanging out with them. When his relationship with them finally ended, sort of, he was both happy and sad, but most of all, he was grateful. Bad company will only drag us down, we are better off without them, even though we might feel reluctant to get rid of them.

1. It’s all about them

Having a friend is better than having none at all, or is it? Friendship, or any kind of relationship for that matter, is a two way street. But, if you have people in your life who are not considerate of your thoughts and feelings, perhaps it’s better to not have them in your life. They will only unload their feelings and opinions, whilst completely disregarding yours. They will use you like a recording device, kind of. It’s always about them. You are not getting anything out of relationship with such people.

2. They don’t make time for you

Like I said, relationships are a two way street. In a balanced relationship, you help each other out and make time and prioritize each other. The negative company will never do that. They will continuously take you for granted and ask you for favors, while not giving anything in return. If they are not willing to make any sacrifices for you, there is no point being a nice person, which you are.

3. You feel like somebody else

Hanging out with bad company might make you lose your own self respect. When you are constantly obliging for their needs and their desires, you might begin to question who you are. They won’t ask you to be somebody else, but you might feel the need to be or act like the person you are not in order to mix in with them. This will gradually drain you from your original self, and affect you in other aspects of your life.

4. They don’t support you and criticize your innovative approach

If you are in the midst of a company who do not support you for anything you do, you need to break the circle, and fast. A good friend will always be happy for you in your achievements and be supportive. If someone is constantly negative towards every idea and actions you take in your life, you are in a bad company.

5. They lie to you

Trust is the key to maintaining any relationship. If someone repeatedly lies to you and has violated your trust in the past, you need to ask yourself, what are you doing with that person in the first place? Do not let someone take advantage of you. If you know you can’t count on someone when you need them the most, it’s time to move on.

6. They are manipulative

Doing something for others because you want to be helpful is one thing, but being coaxed or manipulated into doing something you don’t want to is not a sign of a healthy partner. If you have such kind of relationships, where you repeatedly take a guilt trip before doing something, you are not in a healthy relationship. Do not let yourself be emotionally blackmailed or manipulated, when deep down, you know nothing good will come out of that relationship.

7. They are bad influence

Your parents always warned you to be wary of the bad influence. You should definitely listen to them. Trying out new experiences can help you understand yourself better and will help you grow as a person. But, are you feeling good doing so? If you are only doing certain things because you do not want to disappoint your friend, you are not among good people.

8. Their negativity and envious nature exhaust you

You can only make excuses and tolerate bad company for so long. When you are in a bad company, a part of you always knows. Their never-ending negativity about their life and everyone around them can be exhausting. Also, when you are never appreciated for being who you are and instead envied while achieving your goals, you need to stop being with that circle. When you are exhausted and every aspect of your life starts to suffer, it’s your fault. Do not let the bad company drag you down the same gutter they are trapped in.