9 Ways to Get on Someone’s Nerves

Let’s admit it, getting on someone’s nerve can be so much fun. We have all done it. And we are not ashamed of it. In fact, we are so proud of it we boast about it so often. But, it’s only as much fun when you are doing it intentionally, well, fun for you at least. Most of us are in this constant battle of; “who can irritate who?” Of course, things escalate pretty quickly when you have no holds barred. If you are looking for ways to playfully get on someone’s nerve and irritate them, you have come to the right spot. Here are some of the basic starter points on how you can irritate someone.

Getting on someone's nerve

P.S. After reading this, if you discover that you possess some or all of the following traits un-intentionally, you might want to change your ways.

1. Being A Know it All

Nobody likes a know it all. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, it means knowing everything, or at least acting like it, and letting everyone around you know how smart you are. If you want to get on someone’s nerves, this little trick is going to work wonders for you. Just start re-arranging and correcting every little facts or piece of information someone speaks of. And they will want to kill you in no time.

2. Being a Grammar Nazi

As much as the pop culture tend to neglect it, grammar is important. Good grammar is so much more attractive and sexy. But, if you have someone in your midst who constantly irritates you with a bad grammar and doesn’t even realize it, it’s payback time. Just make sure that your grammar skills are good enough to avoid looking like a fool. Also, this feat will work remarkably well when you are texting.


3. Being Late

Late comers are the ultimate mood-killers. Being late suggests that the person has no value for your time, there are exceptions of course. But, if you have been searching for a way to get on your friend or romantic partner’s nerve that has been constantly irritating you, this will definitely even the odds. And it’s kind of enjoyable to watch someone you care about wait for you and scream at you.

4. Being Polite to the Impolite

Be it stranger or a friend, once in a while you meet someone who is exceptionally rude. They can be the complete mood spoilers for the rest of the crowd. As much as you would like to bite their head off, what will really twitch their nerves and perhaps even silence them is a polite conversation. Keep a strong hold of your patient and reply in a polite manner to every rude comment he/she speaks. Befriend the unfriendly brethren; you will have a good laugh at the end of the day, and a story to tell.

5. Being Calm to the Angry

Kill them with kindness. Must have heard this over many time, but it definitely works. Of course it depends on who you are doing this to. If it’s your parents or teachers, you are meant to be calm when they get angry. However, if it’s your friend angry at his/her boss dropping it on you, you could tell them to f**k off, or be a mature, responsible adult and take them to the guilt trip with your calm – coolness.

6. Saying Yes to Everything

Some of you might be wondering saying “Yes” to everything is going to work against me, how’s that helpful? Well, true! But you just have to hold on to your “say yes” attitude long enough.
For instance: A: Can you lend me 100 bucks?
B: Yes.
A: Well, Where is it?
B: Yes.
You see how this is going to go on. Just keep on with it and you should do fine. Avoid getting punched in the face perhaps, which again would be totally worth it.

7. Repeat Exactly What They Say

Needless to explain. This works well with pretty much everyone, but you should avoid doing it with someone who can smack you. Siblings can be experimented on, they can’t hit you yet they will get super-mad at you and make the weird angry faces.

8. Say Sorry Repeatedly

This tends to work especially well when someone is already pissed at you, but come in handy when you want someone twitching on their nerves out of no reason. Whenever you are accused of something immediately say sorry, and find excuses to continue this again and again, like a vicious cycle that will never end.

9. Shower Them with Compliments

Now, compliments aren’t supposed to irritate someone here. It’s how you do it, the trick is to over-do it. And do it repeatedly. For example, someone gets you a drink from the fridge, and you responded with “Wow, That was so cool. You were so fast. You are the greatest” and just continue this throughout the day. By the end of the day, they’ll be doing their best to keep away from you and yet they, most probably, wouldn’t show that they are mad at you. Do it right and you can get on anyone’s nerves, no matter how narcissistic they are.