Apple Cider Vinegar to Lower Cholesterol

apple cider vinegar and cholesterol

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is used to cure a numerous health issues including diabetes, constipation, weight gain, high cholesterol and the like. Dr. DeForest Clinton Jarvis discovered the healing properties of the acidic essence in 1950 which he published in his book – Folk Medicine. [1]

What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a waxy substance present in blood, according to [2] The main function of cholesterol which is manufactured by liver is to be used in the production of cell membranes and hormones.

There are mainly 2 types of cholesterol running in the bloodstream.

  • Low-density lipoproteins (LDL) known as the ‘bad cholesterol’ which can increase the risk of a heart attack
  • High-density lipoproteins (HDL) cholesterol, which is set out from dead cells, is called the ‘good cholesterol’. The higher HDL level minimizes the risk of a heart attack.

Research has revealed the link between heart problems and cholesterol. In a study conducted in 1948, people of Massachusets were examined by William Castelli, M.D. to discover the rate of heart disease. Among all, the study showed twenty one samples had low cholesterol level which in actual fact is safe from coronary artery disease. Castelli, through his research, claimed that only five people with cholesterol levels of below 150 mg suffered from coronary artery disease. However, approximately, 107 million Americans have more than 200 mg cholesterol level.

In 2009, a research published in the Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences showed apple cider vinegar may aid to normalize cholesterol level. The study conducted on rats demonstrated that the rats that consumed vinegar had a drop in LDL cholesterol and an increase in HDL cholesterol which is the important combination to minimize the risk of heart disease. [3]

In America, on average 1 person dies every 34 seconds due to some kind of cardiovascular disease. Atherosclerosis, narrowing and hardening of the arteries, is one of the most common types of heart disease. Atherosclerosis occurs when cholesterol plaques and other substances similar to small tumors, found in the artery walls obstruct the passageway for blood circulation. Less blood circulation cannot carry enough amount of oxygen for the heart muscle causing chest pain and even heart attack.

Lowering Your Cholesterol with Apple Cider Vinegar

According to one of the reports in, Apple Cider Vinegar has helped to lower the total cholesterol level from 288 to 226 after consuming it for around two months. [4]

In another study conducted among rats in 2006, researchers discovered that it is the acetic acid found in ACV which help lower bad cholesterol levels. One may think this may not be applicable to human beings, but a Japanese condiment manufacturer, Mizkan, researched and found that consuming 15 milliliters of ACV every day can lessen blood cholesterol levels in human beings as well. [5]

Moreover, a substances called pectin found in both apples as well as ACV is what aids in maintaining cholesterol level. The ‘bad’ cholesterol gets attached with the pectin and the cholesterol is reduced.

How much ACV to consume to lessen cholesterol level?

The Japanese Society of Nutrition and Food Science in 2005 found that consuming two-three tablespoons of ACV in a day will maximize the chances of minimizing cholesterol level.

Methods to consume Apple Cider Vinegar to lower cholesterol [6]

  • You can drink two tablespoons of ACV diluting it in a glass of water
  • Mix two or three tablespoons of ACV with a tablespoon of honey, and add a glass of water, lemonade, or juice.
  • You may also use Apple Cider Vinegar while cooking food.
  • You can use ACV in marinades, sauces and salad dressings.
  • Using ACV as a meat tenderizer, is an excellent way to consume ACV.