Benefits of Drinking Water

Sugary drinks or alcoholic drinks are very popular even though they are very hazardous to health, whereas the healthiest drink is ignored most of the time. You might think juices are healthy, but the high sugar content in them is not good for your health. Yes, juices contain nutrition that is good for the body, but there is yet another drink that is ignored, which is water.

drink 8 glass of water daily

Many diseases can be avoided just by adequate intake of drinking water. There are no side effects of water if it is germ free and is taken in proper amount. It makes two third of human body and controls all of its processes. Almost every cell in the body requires water. We don’t even need science to let us know that we should be drinking lots of water as we automatically feel thirst time to time. Water hydrates us, and it gives us energy too. Water intake must be adequate as well as regular.

There are endless number of benefits provided by water. Let us look into some important ones below:

Removes fatigue and restores energy
water reduces stress

The main cause of fatigue most of the time is dehydration. Dehydration causes tiredness. Hydrated body is energetic and seldom tired. As fatigue is just a symptom of body not processing well, water helps remove fatigue as well as prevent it especially if the water contains salt and carbohydrates. It also keeps your mood better. You can try it by switching from coffee to proper amount of water and see it for yourself.

Fluid balance

water maintains fluid balance

We all know that human body is mostly made up of water. Fluid balance must be maintained in our body for all vital functions to perform well. Fluid is essential for blood circulation, production, nutrients circulation, and so on. Fluid is used by all organs like kidney, liver, heart, etc.

Kidney function

Kidney separates wastes and essential nutrients. It throws out the waste products and toxins in urine from blood. So, kidneys need a lot of water to purify and clear out the bad things from the body. Healthy amount of water prevents kidney related diseases as well as bladder and urine related infections. Proper amount of water intake also prevents kidney stones.

Stay alert

water makes you alert
Water helps brain functions too and helps you stay alert. It keeps you refreshed and focused. It increases your concentration power and not let you feel sleepy. Hydration increases attention span and memory as dehydration shrinks brain tissues. Again, try switching from coffee to water during exams as it also promotes clear thinking.

Great digestion

Colon works in similar ways to the kidney, it needs water for purification. Thus, good intake of fluids makes the digestion smooth and easy. It prevents diarrhea as well as constipation. It dissolves fats and soluble fiber and helps the liver work properly.

Healthy Heart

healthy heart
Water intake decreases the risk of death from coronary heart disease. Whereas, the high energy fluids like juices and other drinks increase the risk.

Greater physical performance

water provides muscle energy
Physical exercises like gym and running decrease the energy level and cause dehydration. This decreases the output as the water content of the body decrease about 2 percent or more. Heat can also play an important part in dehydration during exercise decreasing the physical capacity of our body. Hydrating our body decreases oxidative stress and boosts our performance.

Strong muscles and weight loss

Water also aids in loosing weight and makes our muscles stronger. Muscles are made up of 80 percent water. So, it prevents muscle cramps and straining of muscles. Water helps in losing weight as it increases metabolism and energy expenditure. It works especially well if you drink half a liter water half an hour before meals. It also helps in protecting the joints and cartilage by keeping it lubricated and also protects the spinal cord.

Treats headaches

water treats headaches

Normal headaches or migraines are believed to be caused by dehydration as dehydration is a trigger factor. So, when suffering from minor headaches, try drinking plenty of water. Your headache might go away just after some minutes. Water decreases headache duration and pain. It also reduces hangover headaches after alcohol consumption.

Regulates body temperature and immune system

Healthy body temperature prevents many kinds of common diseases like cough and cold. Water circulation helps in maintaining body temperature optimal with its thermal properties and preventing the body from having fever. Water helps in releasing heat from the body with sweat as well as throwing out bacteria. It is also believed to reduce the risks of certain types of cancers like bladder cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer. It prevents bladder cancer by removing the buildup of carcinogens in bladder.

Clear skin
healthy skin

Toxins cause many kinds of skin problems. Water purifies blood and excretes toxins, which help in fighting skin problems like acne and pimples. It reduces skin inflammation and clogged pores as well as improves capillary blood flow. It increases elasticity of skin and replenish skin tissues. It does not let the skin get oily or dry.

Water also provides many nutrients that the body needs and has many qualities of a life savor. So, drink plenty of water to stay healthy.