8 Proven Benefits of Marijuana

A dried leaf of the hemp plant, Cannabis Sativa, which is usually smoked as narcotics is Marijuana. It is also referred as pot, joint, weed and with a huge number of other slang terms.

Marijuana covers a type of mind mutable chemical called ‘Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol‘ (also known as THC) and other similar mixes. This chemical is the reason for the euphoric high that one feels after taking a hit of marijuana. There are less known side effects of using Marijuana but there are many hidden benefits that people are unfamiliar about this drug.

Cannabis Sativa, Marijuana

Mentioned below are some of the major benefits of Marijuana:

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Flow of Creativity

When people smoke Marijuana, their mind fluctuates a lot which makes them think further than realism. They come up with creative concepts that they couldn’t think when they are sober. Researchers have found out that imaginative capability streams when the dopamine(a chemical found in the brain that acts as a neurotransmitter) is released in the brain declining hang-ups and letting people to perceive things in a whole different way.

Decrease Anxiety

Marijuana consumers claim that smoking pot helps them stay relaxed lessening pains and nausea. If taken in proper quantities, it might help them get through anxiety problems.But when people smoke Marijuana in high doses, it might increase their anxiety and make them paranoid.

Improve lung health


Studies show that Marijuana doesn’t restore your lung but might improve its capacity. It helps to inverse the carcinogenic (any substance, radionuclide, or radiation that is an agent directly involved in causing cancer) effects of tobacco which may improve the lung health. Researchers believe that the improvement in the lung might not be because of the chemicals in the drug but by taking deep breaths while inhaling the drug.

Control Seizures

An unrestrained electric action in the brain which produces physical tremor is Seizure. A 2003 study showed that smoking Marijuana can control Epileptic Seizures. The chemical in Marijuana called THC binds the brain cells controlling quick-temperedness and making them more peaceful.

Stops Cancer from spreading

There aren’t any testimonies that Marijuana cures cancer but many studies have proven that it helps to stop cancer cells from scattering. Cancer cells are more active in copying the gene called ID-1 throughout your whole body than your normal non-cancerous cell. Marijuana works by turning off those genes.

Protect the brain


It’s so common on people that Marijuana makes you lose your memory gradually but they don’t realize that it protects your brain. Researchers have found out that Marijuana has many neuro protective properties. It can also heal your brain after some severe distressing injury and concussion.

Helps in Alzheimer’s disease

A 2006 study showed that the presence of THC in Marijuana can slow down the development of amyloid plaques(one of the two brain abnormalities that define Alzheimer’s disease) by delaying the enzyme in the brain that makes them.

Appetite gain


When people take Marijuana in right doses, it increases their appetite. But along with it, there are many defects when people take it in more doses. When THC level is high in the body, instead of gaining appetite, they lose their craving for food making them undernourished and look pitiable physically.

Along with benefits smoking too much Marijuana can mess with your memory and emotions. If taken in right doses, it’s the best medicinal herb available but if it’s taken for non-medicinal purpose, it might lead you to many destructive health deficiencies.