8 Characteristics of an Emotionally Strong Person

Emotionally strong person can be labeled to someone who is good at handling the day to day stress, and isn’t discouraged by the constant setbacks in life. Someone who is emotionally strong will just bounce right back after each failure and prepare himself/herself to take on some more challenges. More often than not, emotionally strong persons can keep difficult situation to themselves and aren’t bothered about sharing their problems with anyone else. Speaking in a simple manner, people who don’t shed tears (especially men) or let out any kind of emotional leakage of the distress they are in are considered emotionally strong.
Tear is simply emotional outflow caused due to disappointment and sadness of the moment, which should not be mistaken for defeat. It all comes down to how strong you feel. You are only as emotionally content and strong as you believe to be. If you feel like you have what it takes to bounce back, you can, as simple as that.

Traits of Emotionally Strong Person

Here are the different characteristics you can look for to know whether they are emotionally strong or not. You can also look for these characteristics in yourself.

Less or No Discouragement

Everyone faces setbacks and failures in life. Whether it is our personal life, career or romantic life, regardless of the good looks and richness, life is going to hit us at one point or another. It’s not about how hard you get hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and get back up. This may be the line from a movie, but a emotionally strong person is able to keep his disappointment and discouragement at a minimum. They can get back up and find the energy to continue with life.

Adaptable to Change

An emotionally weak people have a doubtful mind and ponder about the worst case scenario and new challenges. In other hand, emotionally strong person is much more adaptable to change. Their confidence readies them to face new set of challenges and overcome them.

Speak Their Mind

Not knowing or being able to express one’s needs and desires is the sign of a weak emotional state. An emotionally strong person on the other hand usually knows what he needs and isn’t afraid or hesitant about his needs. That is the reason emotionally strong people seem much satisfied and successful.

Focus on Solution Rather Than the Problem

Obstacles are going to present itself in every turn and it just cannot be helped. The difference in the future ahead depends on the way you face the obstacle. If someone focuses on the way around the problem, towards its solution, rather than the problem itself they have much better chance of getting past the problem.

Learn From Mistakes

We all make mistakes (often involuntary), and there is no reason to be ashamed of committing mistakes. But, committing the same mistakes again in the future or whether to learn from it is totally up to us. If we let our guilt or disappointment get the better of us, we are only pushing ourselves deeper down the hole. An emotionally strong person learns from mistakes and all the criticisms in the world are nothing but comments on how to improve.

Realist and Optimist

An emotionally strong person is often realist who accepts their situation, have optimism to analyze harsh situation and move on with their life in right way.

For the Greater Good

Most people tend to get so down with the challenge ahead that they fail to see the bigger picture. They fail to realize what’s in it to gain at the mere sight of trouble. Someone who is emotionally strong is capable of holding a larger perspective towards every situation. Logical thinking is what gets us out of the tricky situations. Emotional outbursts at the wrong time will block our logical thinking capabilities.

Quick Emotional Recovery

Getting fired, failing an exam, rejected by a crush, these are just some of the things that may happen in your long life. If we let these things bring us down then we will be stuck in the same position for as long. This is what separates an emotionally strong person from the rest, his ability to say “Things will get better” and simply moving on. Emotional wounds and trauma are futile, if we fail to bounce back and get even stronger to deal with new challenges in life.