Effective ways to keep children away from gadgets


None of us would like to see our children wasting their time, putting unnecessary effort and ruining their health over gadgets. Yet, in this rapid changing hi-tech world, we certainly cannot prevent our children from using them.

If you’re really tired and annoyed of seeing your children stuck to their gadgets then here are few tips. Just follow them and see the difference it brings to your and your children’s lives.

1. Do not rush to punish


Many parents when realize that their children are overusing the gadgets start to seize those gadgets, scold or criticize them. They do not comprehend the situation from their children’s perspective. These serious and relentless actions often leave the children feeling unjust, worsening the situation.

Parents should instead opt for a calm talk with their children and discuss how their habit is affecting their health, academics and social life. This works wonder as it helps to persuade them with logical reasons.

2. Fix “No Gadget Areas”

Children are so lost with their gadgets that they hardly spend time with family members. What’s more is, they don’t even bother to be apart from their gadgets in kitchens and washrooms too.

To lessen this unnecessary attachment between your children and their gadgets, you can announce NO GADGET AREAS in your home. This will help to increase family conversations and sharing.

3. Set time limit

If you don’t want to find your children awake at middle of the night staring at the screen of their gadgets then set time limit. Yet, don’t be harsh and patiently make them understand that everything has their own limit. This will help them in focusing on tasks according to necessity and importance.

4. Encourage your children’s interests and hobbies


Different children have different interests and hobbies. Some may love sports, others may love arts or dancing or singing.

As parents, we should encourage them to take on their interests and do productive activities which will benefit them in the long run. This will not only divert their attention from gadgets but them to discover and develop their qualities.

Who knows, such interests might help them realize their true passion and later shape their career?

5. Help your children to select right gadgets

Every type of gadgets that come in market make children go crazy. And most of the parents out there do not even think twice to get them what they want. BUT, is it the right thing to do?

As a parent, it is your duty to differentiate what is good and what is not for your children. You should bear in mind that you would be the one to blame for your children’s gadget addiction. So think carefully before you decide to get any gadgets for your children.