The Color Symbolism Blue

Blue is one of the most loved color among majority of people. It is the color of the sky, ocean and water. This color has many different shades ranging from the pale ones to the dark ones. But the most basic shades of blue are

  1. Pale blue – It is a very light shade of blue which depicts creativity, healing, solitude and freedom

  2. Sky blue – It denotes the universal love, optimism, understanding, selfless attitude, kindness and helpful nature.

  3. Azure blue – It is a dark shade of color that is derived from little amount of green light to blue light. It represents determination, concentration, ambition and achievement.

  4. Dark Blue – It is very dark in color and usually consists of the navy blue varieties. It denotes responsibility, repressed feeling, non-emotional, power and intelligence.

shades of blue

Few of the symbolism for color Blue are as follows

Peace and Tranquility

The color blue, especially the light ones, maintain inner peace, positive vibes and is pleasing to the eyes. It reduces stress due to lesser contrasting nature and also establishes a peaceful environment. Due to peace of mind, we tend to feel motivated. Gym walls are usually painted blue in order to motivate people for more productive workout.


Blue color represents light, peace and optimism by ensuring proper physical as well as mental state. Dentists or hospital environment usually prefer the use of blue color so that patients do not panic and to help maintain a very controllable attitude. It also helps us remain stable avoiding disturbing thoughts and keeping us inspired and refreshed.


The color blue makes us more orderly, neat and reflects the personality in our appearance. If one wears a more darker shade of blue in a business scenario, it is taken as a sign of maturity, seriousness and shows a very dignified personality. It greatly stands for standard and dependability denoting honesty in a person with a degree of formalization and moral he/she believes in. Thus, many businessmen are noticed with the dark shade of blue.

Anxiety and Stress

Blue sea

Color blue slows metabolism making us feel more relieved and thus controlling our anxiety. We feel calm, and free of stress when we lay down looking at a clear blue sky. This is because blue makes us relaxed. This, in turn, gradually slows down our metabolism making our heart rates return to normal, our minds refreshed and we feel more joyful. If the sky has more clouds and lesser evidence of blue then people might stop feeling peaceful. People with anxiety disorder or short temper are usually advised by their psychologist to paint the walls of their room blue.


The sea and the sky denotes wide space. Thus, this color ensures depth and stability. It gives us the satisfaction to become free from our thoughts, which gives us a soothing effect along with liberty and freedom from any mental or physical restraint. The paler the shade of blue, the more free an individual feels.

Trust and Reliability

Blue relates to face to face communication rather than a mass communication. This way ideas of a person is more accurate and clearer. It helps in building up of an individual’s confidence and inspires him/her higher wisdom. It also builds a good relationship by establishing loyalty in act and work. It is believed that more darker the shade of blue, it denotes more greater power and authority


deep blue ocean

Blue color is used as a promotional element to promote products and services related to the production of water like water color filters, cleaning liquids, mineral water etc. Other provoking colors are not chosen but rather tranquil blue is used due to its soothing effect and its hygienic appearance. But blue is not used in promotion of food as it suppresses appetite. Moreover, it is referred to as a masculine color, according to a research as it is highly preferred by the males. Baby blue is a color chosen for male infants and kids due to its appealing capability and stability.


It is the color of spirit, devotion and religious study. It is the color believed for prayers and a symbol of heaven. It symbolizes different things according to variation of different religion and cultures.

  • In Christianity, it symbolizes virtue.
  • In the Jewish faith, Blue is the color of holiness.
  • In Hinduism, Blue is the color of the god Krishna.
  • In China, Blue represents immortality.
  • Philosophers in Ancient Rome wore Blue robes which are the representation of ranks.
  • In Japan, Indigo Blue is often used in art and clothing and symbolizes the vast ocean surrounding the islands.
  • In France, Deep Blue is strongly associated with Royalty and politics.
  • Some Native Americans believe the color symbolism of Blue means using intuition to serve and teach.
  • In Iran, Blue is the color of mourning.

Thus as simple as blue actually is, it signifies a lot of things.