Why your organization needs a corporate chair massage

You’ll agree with me when I say:

Unhappy employees can cost your company millions.

It is found that happy employees are almost 12% more productive than others. So, keeping your employees happy should be your number one priority.

But how would you do this keeping your costs at a bare minimum?

Corporate chair massage.

This simple inexpensive fix can not only pump up your employees’ energy but also gets people talking about your company.

The benefits of massage chairs are widely known with over 15% of Japanese household owning a massage chair. The obvious reason being to escape the stressful corporate life.

Here I’ve listed 4 important reasons why your company needs one too.

Benefits of Corporate chair massage

Chair massage improves employee productivity

Chair massage is found to improve employees’ problem solving abilities.

A study concluded that a 15 minute massage after a stressful work improved their creative thinking resulting in better solutions.

Keeps your employees healthy

Massage helps to reduce people’s blood pressure level relieving your employees of their daily stress.

On a bigger note: Employees who received chair massage spent 31% less on doctor visits.

Increases your employee hiring rates

Every employee wants additional perks when joining a company.

And, corporate massage chair can be that one fun yet healthy advantages of joining your company.

Increases your employee retention rates

In the same way as hiring: when you show you truly care for your employees’, your employees will do the same for you.

And, it is sure to improve your employee retention rate.

Improves the overall morale of your company

Chair massage creates a positive culture in your company.

As discussed above, it lets your employees know you truly care for them. This uplifts the company’s morale as a whole improving your employees’ productivity.


So, next time when you think about a way to increase your employees’ productivity and create a better company profile, corporate chair massage is the way to go.