Are you an Extrovert!

Does an interesting conversation with friends or colleagues or even strangers make you feel lively? Do you feel like you need to talk it out with people when something has been bothering your mind?

Well, these are two of the most obvious characteristic traits of an extrovert.

Extroverts are the talkative bunch in a group of friends, the social butterflies, the life of the party and the ones who always have something to say.

Here are some more traits that are second nature to an extrovert:

Being around people energizes them.

Do you feel energized after socializing with a group of friends? Then you are definitely an extrovert.

An extrovert gains energy when they spend their time surrounded with people. They genuinely enjoy spending time with the people they like. These social interactions recharge their energy level after a dry spell of alone time.

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They thrive in social settings.

Because an extrovert feels vitalized in social situations, they are always the life of the party.

They thrive in people-oriented environments and they love being the center of attention during a group conversation.


They are good conversationalists.

An extrovert can strike up a conversation with anyone. If they want, they can easily chat up a friend, family member or a complete stranger.

Simply put, they love to have conversations with other people. Even when they don’t know the other person well, they will keep the conversation going with lively small talk.


Everyone’s a friend.

And because they are effective communicators, they make friends easily. They have more than a few people whom they have designated as close friends and they feel comfortable enough to share their feelings with these people.

An extrovert usually has more than one social circle and there is always someone whom they can call and catch up with.

They love voicing their thoughts and feelings.

An extrovert is extravagant when it comes to their opinions. Typically, they are assertive and outspoken.

They prefer stimulating settings that give them regular opportunities to communicate with people and share their thought process.


Isolation and silence make them anxious.

As being around people energizes an extrovert, they are easily bored when left alone.

They relish social interactions. Thus, it is easy for them to feel restless and anxious if they spend much time without any interaction.

An extrovert dreads silence between people so they try to fill the quiet with dialogue.

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They are often described as outgoing, talkative and sociable.

Because of their knack of carrying on a riveting conversation with people, an extrovert is always described as sociable and loquacious.

They talk with a quick pace and simultaneously organize the ideas in their mind. When they face a problem, they prefer to discuss it with people because it helps them figure out their best options.