8 Gift Wrapping Fails that will Make You Cringe

no idea how to wrap gifts

Planning the perfect gift for your loved ones this holiday season? Just remember that its not only about the gift but also how you wrap it.

Don’t screw it up like these people did and lose the element of surprise.

1. No Surprises Here

gift wrapped dog

2. My new car looks nice

gift wrapped bike

3. Surprise!! What is it? Its a massager for your face. Just plug it in and gently apply

badly wrapped iron gift

4. This better have something else packed inside

gift that is obviously a frying pan

5. Poor Dog

dog wrapped for gift

6. This was an actual joke. But seriously, what is UP with people

wrapped bicycle

7. Somebody call Captain Obvious!

wrapped gift that is obviously a chair

8. Some people have too much money

gift wrapped helicopter