8 Health Benefits Of Dancing

Dancing is fun

Opting for Zumba and aerobics rather than the treadmills of gym is becoming more and more common. Dancing helps you both physically and mentally which leads to happy life. Here are 8 the health benefits of dancing:

1. Helps to Lose Weight

Dancing is one of the better ways to burn out all those extra calories. When your body moves, the entire muscles of your body produce the heat that would effortlessly do the job of burning calories. An average body can burn up to 200 calories with in just an hour dancing.

2. Stronger Physique

Dancing is fun but at the same time, it helps to get stronger physique. Dancing tightens the muscles and gives a firm look to your physique. Moreover, your body becomes more flexible as you go on with a dance routine and lessens stiffness. Dancing also helps to make your bones and joints stronger. It helps to prevent the risk of osteoporosis i.e. the shrinking of the bones in old age. In fact, even young people today have started getting joint pain problems. Unlike serious gym workouts, dancing won’t put much pressure on the joints and bones. It increases your mobility with much healthier bones and joints.

3. Boosts Memory

When you are dancing, your brain focuses on the coordination between the body movements which leads to better memory. Studies have revealed that, dancing can prevent the shrinking of the hippocampus of your brain which controls the memory power.

4. Enhances Energy Level

Dancing improves your stamina without notice. If you’re not much a dancer, you will be breathless after few minutes of dancing. But if you dance occasionally, you will notice how your body can perform for longer period of time. It’s because dancing activates the energy levels of the body.

5. Relives Stress

Many studies have found that dancing helps to release the happy hormones “endorphins”. Endorphins block pain perception and makes you feel good. When you dance, your mind gets a healthy distraction and be away from unwanted worries and stress. Dance therapies are widely used in helping people with depression. You get to socialize, and have fun.

6. Healthy Heart

Dancing is helpful for people having cardiovascular illness. When you dance, all your body muscles get active. This helps to strengthen the blood flow and heart rate. If you’re a house wife or retired, dancing can help you get off of heart ailments. Just remember to start from a slow pace.

7. Kinesthetic Consciousness

When you dance, your brain focuses on every object around your body. Suppose, you are doing a circle move and there’s a pole beside you. Your brain subconsciously makes you aware about the pole. The awareness of the brain to determine where the body is positioned in three-dimensional space relatively with the objects around it is the kinesthetic consciousness. The more you get into dancing and complex moves, the brain’s consciousness of things gets stronger and you can balance yourself better. This helps to lower your chances of falling, slipping or any such common accidents.

8. Sound Sleep

This is the sweetest reward you get for dancing. Dancing is enjoyable, and also a form of exercise at the same time. Without much notice, your body gets a regular workout from dancing. You can fall asleep easily which leads to healthy body and mind.