How to Make Aloe Vera gel

how to make aloe vera gel

Aloe Vera also named as ‘Natural Healer’ can be found in a varieties of weather conditions and hold lots of benefits. Commonly, it is used as sun-screen that lightens up your skin and soothing irritations. Storing the inner watery layer of the plant as gel might come in handy in many health related situations.

Here is a simple formula of making Aloe Vera gel at home

Ingredients for ¼ cup of Aloe Vera gel

  • 2 or 3 medium sized fresh Aloe Vera leaves
  • Natural preservatives
  • 500 mg powdered Vitamin C (optional)

Steps to follow

Step 1

Get some fresh leaves from an aloe plant. Be careful if your plant is babyish since cutting off newly grown leaves may damage the plant.

Aloe Vera plant, how to make aloe vera gel

Step 2

Keep the Aloe Vera leaves in a glass in a straight position to let the yellow paste drain. The yellow part found in the leaves may cause irritation to skin.

Step 3

Use a knife and cut off the covering from the leaves with care. You may also use vegetable peeler.

cutting off the covering of aloe leaf, how to make aloe vera gel

Step 4

Take the watery colored gel layer out from the leaves. You can use spoon to extract the watery layer.

Step 5

Gather the gel parts of Aloe Vera in a bowl after removing the skin of the leaves. Add natural preservatives. If you want to store the gel for some months then add 500 mg powdered Vitamin C to the extracted layer.

gel parts of aloe plant, how to make aloe vera gel

Step 6

Use a blender, to blend Aloe Vera extract and get the foamy gel.

foam forming on a blemded aloe extract, how to make aloe vera gel

Step 7

Pour the Aloe Vera gel in a clean vessel.

Aloe gel, how to make aloe vera gel

Use this gel with ease in appliance and to get rid of skin related problems.