How to Wake Up Early

Many people do not consider themselves to be a morning person. They consider, waking up in the afternoon to be a huge task, they have conducted. Night owl is the word used to describe these kinds of people. They are comfortable sleeping till late everyday but do not ever want to wake up early. It is a problem faced by people every day as fostering a habit is one of the hardest things to do. The whole world rises and runs early morning. You should also try and adapt to this universal need.
Planner to keep an account of your sleep

Some tips given below might help you be an early bird. So that you can accomplish more things, make profits with it and have a great health as well.

Train your body

You can manage your waking up time, and switch it to early, slowly and gradually. Just try and wake up some minutes early than the previous day. If you sleep at 2 am every day, try sleeping at 1:30 and continue this for some days. Continue until you’re able to balance your sleep cycle and wake up early, completing the need of 7-8 hours of sleep. If you find it hard, you can try sleeping 10 – 15 minutes early. Once, you get used to it, you won’t even feel the difference but do keep an account of it somewhere.

Avoid sources of lights before sleeping
Yellow room lights

Avoid all kinds of lights before you plan to fall asleep. Don’t even think of going near to any electronic devices. Take television, cell phone, laptops or other gadgets as your sleep’s enemy. Only use yellowish lights some hours before sleeping. These lights activates the hormones needed for sleep cycle.

Never snooze your alarm

Digital Clock for Alarm

Always control yourself from snoozing your alarm and sleeping again. Instead you can try waking up after first snooze, looking out of your window and relax for a couple of minutes before another ring of the alarm. You can even watch TV for some time. The most important thing is to keep your alarm clock away from your bed, so that you are bound to get up to reach it.

Don’t sleep if you wake up before your alarm rings

If you just woke up by yourself before your alarm rung then don’t go back to sleeping again. Don’t think of the 5 minutes of sleep you can afford because if you sleep again, you won’t be able to wake up on time. And your effort to wake up early will go in vain.

Choose a soothing alarm

People believe that the more instrumental the alarm is, the easier it will be for them to wake up. This is totally false. You should always keep a melodious and soothing tune as an alarm. It will help you wake up in happy mood. You can even keep your favorite song as your alarm for instance.

Find the motivation and keep reminding yourself

Make posters you can hang on the wall, reminding you about the reasons to wake up early. Keep it where you can see while lying in your bed. Let it keep inspiring you to stick to your plan. You can also use pictures of the beautiful morning scenarios. You may also think of doing the activities you like, this may be taking your dog out, reading or similar activities.

Do happy things in the morning

Walking dogs

Don’t start working immediately after waking up. Keep away from looking at your mails or messages. Instead, do something of your interest. Make it a habit so that you look forward to waking up and doing those things. Also, encourage yourself with rewards.

Adopt these points slowly, don’t stress. Take your time developing a healthy habit of waking up early. Studies show that brain is sharper in the mornings helping you make good decisions. You need to try and figure yourself out to see if you are really a night owl or an early bird.