7 Things Men Hate About Women

First things first, women are the most beautiful creatures in this world. Ladies, we (men in general) love you. We absolutely adore you. But, there are things we could do without. I have taken the liberty to prepare a short list of things we (as men) genuinely dislike about women.

Annoying girl getting angry with man.

I am sure everybody has their own degree of fondness, and things they love/hate will differ from one individual to the next. I am just going for in-general here, and the list is completely random.

1. Too Much Makeup

Too much different in makeup annoys boys.

We understand that you feel the need to look pretty. In fact, we appreciate it — we really do. However, you do not have to look like you mistakenly poured the entire make-up box over yourself. Granted, we don’t really know much about make-up and everything, but if we are going to be waking up next to you, the morning will tell us. It’s one thing to enhance your beauty, but a complete turn off if you decide to look like Johny Depp from his “so much make-up” movies.

2. Baby-talk

Ladies, what’s up with the baby talk? There’s a reason it’s called “baby” talk. Heck, it might even sound cute when you do it with your pets. But, your boyfriend/man is neither a pet nor a baby. We know you’re trying to act cute with that baby voice, but we hate it! There, I said it. Let’s just stick to being adults and have conversations in the natural voice.

3. Over the top jealousy

Jealousy can be quite cute sometimes; it might even be healthy for a relationship. But, if your jealousy makes it impossible to even speak to/about other women in any context, we have a major problem. This might be an issue with dudes too, but that’s a topic for some other day. Dudettes, but don’t appear too clingy in front of your man. It is not cute at all. Relationships require a certain amount of space to work, so stop lecturing your boyfriend on how he cheated on you by saying hello to his girl friend (friend who happens to be a girl), or liking a pretty picture on Facebook.

4. Women who are vain

A pretty face isn’t everything. We love it that you take care of your body, your face and present yourself in the best possible way. That will lure us men to your doorsteps, no doubt. But, a hot body and pretty face can only be intriguing for a short while, ok, maybe not too short. The point is, it will get tiring after a while. We (men in general) are easily bored when people we talk to are too light-headed or plain right stupid. Do not waste countless hours on social media and taking selfies. Read books, watch movies other than the typical chick-flicks, keep yourself updated with the world. Trust me; It will do more good to you.

5. Why so late?

Being late is neither cute nor sexy. It’s a complete turn-off. The term “fashionably late” is misused too often. If you are not Angelina Jolie or Jenifer Lawrence, please refrain from using it so often. A girl once told me, “A Queen is never late, everyone else is just early”. That’s an amazing comeback if someone questions your lateness. But, ladies, your “fashionably late” attitude only shows your poor time-management skills and a complete disrespect for everyone else’s time.

6. Relentless questions

I think we can all agree that, the most common question asked by women is “What are you thinking about?”; and, the most common answer to that: “Nothing”. It’s not mandatory that we think about something when we are just staring at a wall. It just means we have shut the world for a while, with our eyes open.

7. Pointless talking and nagging

Now, some of you out there might actually take offense to this. Ask yourselves – do you talk too much? Are you constantly nagging the men in your life? If you answered that with a yes, it’s about time to stop. Talking is good, but every good thing has a limitation.
Some women have this incredible urge to keep on nagging and clinging to some silly random stuff. I am pretty sure everyone hates such demeanor, regardless of the gender.