8 Reasons Why People Procrastinate

The best of us procrastinate. It’s an extra-ordinary trait of human kind, we can just put off any kind of work for later and find a perfect excuse to convince ourselves. From the simplest of daily chores to submitting your work on time (for instance, articles on deadline), we all procrastinate. Although it seems harmless, researchers have found that constant procrastination can lead to stress, worry, diminished performance, all of which goes without saying. We all desperately wish if only we didn’t procrastinate so much. The key to that is understanding why. Here are some reasons which might be the leading cause for your procrastination.

Stop Procrastination from tomorrow.

1. You want to do it right

Some people have the tendency to do everything right. They just tend to wait for that right time, which never comes and they are forced to rush it off on the deadline. Understand that you don’t have to do everything perfect. And, you are never going to know how perfect can the task get, unless you actually start on it. Stop making this excuse.

2. Role models

Researchers have discovered that the way we turn out and act even on our basic daily activities are largely influenced by the ones we have watched while growing up. The role models in our lives, siblings, parents have a huge impact in our life. If you were used to seeing your brother wait till the last day to do his homework, the procrastinating habit might be coming naturally to you. You need to think of a new role model.

3. You consider yourself incapable

This happens with a lot of people. They simply think they don’t know how to do a certain thing and never even bother with it. If you only you had the attitude to learn along the way, you could definitely put off your procrastinating habit.

4. You suck at tracking time

This goes for all of us. Whenever we find out our favorite show is going to be on TV, and let’s say it ends at 3. We promise ourselves we are going to start studying at 3. But, the remote just won’t let go, and we are glued in front of the TV till 6. When we don’t have any idea about the time we take to complete our daily tasks like shower, shave and so on, we find excuses to procrastinate.

5. Not in the mood

This is my personal favorite excuse, not always though. And, I know it’s bad. It’s not that I am suffering from severe case of anxiety, depression or anything else, it’s just that the idea of working itself is a downer sometimes and it becomes a petty excuse. However, if you are actually suffering from depression or anxiety and you are never in the mood for anything, you might need to take appropriate measures and even consider visiting a therapist.

6. Forgetting about the future gain

Living in the moment, in the present, is great as long as it does not hamper your future goals and plans. We easily tend to forget about our future gains when we are caught up in the moment. Watching that movie or taking a 15 min nap which goes on to last 2 hours can be fun at the moment, but will have no future outcome. Remind yourself about the future gains and get working.

7. Cell-phones/Social Media

These are probably the greatest distractions. Scrolling through the facebook newsfeed is remarkably fun especially when you have work to do. And, the urgent need to text everyone in your contacts. If you are planning to get the work done, at least turn off your WiFi.

8. You are lazy

It’s okay to be lazy once in a while. Taking a nap to lay off some work for later can actually help you bring out your 100% after you have freshened up. But, when this becomes a routine, work will be the last thing you touch. And, time seems to pass surprisingly fast when you are being lazy and laying off important works.