Side Effects of Lemon Water

The world is switching to healthy living now-a-day. Thousands if not millions of people are replacing their cup of morning coffee or tea with lemon water for losing weight, cleansing body and getting other benefits as well. Lemon water is also used and consumed to treat several skin problems like acne, pimples etcetera.

Theres a flipside to all the benefits of lemon water – side effects.

Dental Problem

If you consume much amount of acidic beverages like lemon water, it exhibits your teeth to acid. This will lead to loss of natural white tooth enamel. It may also make your teeth sensitive mostly to hot or cold food.

In order to minimize such problems, you can use straw while drinking lemon water, or rinse your mouth after drinking lemon water.

Frequent urination

rest room

Lemons are loaded with vitamin C and holds diuretic properties, which means it causes frequent urination leaving your body dehydrated. If you begin to feel dried out after drinking much amount of lemon water, minimize the drops of lemon juice you add in the water.

Harms kidney or gallbladder

Lemon consists of oxalates (a group of molecules known as organic acids), naturally-occurring elements found in animals, plants, and human beings. When oxalates turn out to be much concentrated in body fluids, they can cause different health problems. So, people with kidney or gallbladder problems should avoid taking lemon water.


Lemon water may also be the reason for allergic reactions in selected people. It might also be the source of skin irritation in group with dermatitis.

May cause acid reflux

acid reflux

You may also have a problems like acid reflux or heartburn when you drink lemon water since it holds acidic properties. Lemon has citric acid content, with approximately 1.44 grams per ounce of lemon water. Minimize acidic drinks and food aids to get rid of heartburn symptoms.

Yet, if taken in right amount lemons leave an ‘acid residue’ that may essentially help get rid of heartburn, according to Ruth Sackman, writer of Food Matters.

Irritate mucous membrane

Drinking much amount of lemon water can trouble your stomach. At times, increasing level of acid in stomach may be supportive to digest food but not always.excess amount of lemon water intake can mess with the mucous membrane in stomach and cause pain and may also lead to canker sores (ulcerous condition). To put off the side effects, start taking a smaller amount of lemon juice diluting it with purified water

Several skin problems

Lemon juice is best used for treating several skin problems like acne scars, pimple etc. However, if you have dry skin, using lemon juice topically may cause extremely dry and scaly skin. In some case, when you apply lemon juice on pimples, it may break the pimple causing it to bleed.

Several stomach problems

stomach problems

Lemon water is common for detoxification as well as cleansing. Yet, drinking too much lemon water may become the root cause of uneasy detoxification signs like exhaustion, or bowel changes. You may also suffer from GERD (a gastroesphageal reflux disorder) because of its acidic content which bothers the esophageal lining.

If you are consuming lemon water to get its benefits but you are experiencing the above mentioned side effects then you need medical care as soon as possible. You can try drinking a glass of water with only half a lemon juice. If the side effects persists then consult your doctor.