7 Signs you are in a Dead-End Job

In today’s economy, getting a job itself is a challenge. Despite the required qualification and experience, we have insignificant amount of choices when it comes to deciding on the industry and the position we are hired in. When we finally get a job, we feel grateful at the opportunity and often times we are stuck in the same position. Only, if we were wise enough to figure out that we are in a dead-end job. Being stuck in the dead-end job is probably the worst thing anyone can do their career. Once you are stuck there long enough, its career suicide.
Even being unemployed could be better than being stuck in a dead-end job if you think about it. Well, yeah being broke definitely sucks, but, at least you are open to possibilities and can make up your own mind about the opportunities and the future. Of course, implying that you can pay your bills and are actively on a job hunt.
Here are the 7 basic signs of how to figure out if you are in a dead-end job.

1. De-motivated to Work

Do you start feeling tired at the first hour? If you answered that yes, you are already at the point where you think about giving up and just leave, at least twice a day. If you are getting upset about minor things and cannot look at the bright side of being so exhausted at work every day, do not just try to brush it off, because it will not just go away. These are the warnings before you finally start burning out.

2. Stuck with the Same Job

The normal span of the job should be 3 to 5 years. Any longer than that in the same position and you will really have to start thinking now, what are you doing there? It’s great that you have stayed in a company for 5 years, but you have to take time to analyze about your progress. If you hadn’t even considered being promoted or finding something better, there might be question marks about your potential and ambition. Change will help us grow and making the right choices will help you reach the top of the ladder, like you always wanted to.

3. Your Boss Hates You

Ok! Your boss might not actually hate you. But, if he is giving you cold shoulders and you don’t feel your boss respects you, that’s a worrying sign right there. Written feedbacks and short-tempered supervisors are another bad signs for you. If you are worried that you are on the verge of being fired, you probably are. Your co-workers are usually the first to know. Talk about your doubts with trustworthy colleagues. It’s best to make your move, before you are let go.

4. Keep up-to-date with your Industry

Today’s economy is more unpredictable than ever. It doesn’t hurt to be observant about your competitors and your industry. Best people are always to leave first, find out why. If your industry is in turmoil, it’s time to start making other plans.

5. Company is Going Down

Has your company been able to pay salaries and rent? Who have they let go of recently? Make sure you are well aware about your company’s financial position and if it’s only a temporary setback. Also, does your department have any strategic importance? Is the company’s management strong enough to bounce back? There is no point in going down with the ship.

6. Is it Just a Job?

Are you happy with the contributions you are making at work? This is an important question you need to ask yourself. One of the major reasons why any job is a dead-end job is for exactly that reason, it’s just a job. If you do not feel like you are moving up in the world, or are anywhere close to reaching your goals, you are in a dead end job. You just need to be strong enough to accept that there is nothing in it for you and move on.

7. You Absolutely Hate your Job

Whether it is your moral obligations or some other reason, if you hate your job, you are not going to be able to put in your 100% effort. You are gradually going to fall apart in the long run being stuck in the job you hate. Unless you are making enough to live with the guilt, being somewhere you hate is one of the worst life choices we can make.

If you have come to a conclusion that you are in a dead end job, be careful about the life-decisions you take. Do not quit unless you are secured somewhere else. Also, be discreet about your job hunt and stay committed till the last hour. Who knows when a little bit of good impression might come in handy?