Signs of a Cynical Person

A cynical person is someone whose outlook towards any matter is always negative. They think everyone is motivated by their own selfishness. They believe that the world is incapable of unselfish duties. It’s good to be alert about the worst things to come in life, but destroying every bit of positivity with the constant worrying and negativity will not be doing any good. Cynical people are continuously worried and they can scarcely think of any source of positivity towards anything. If you feel like you could actually relate with some of these traits, read on. Here are some of the basic signs to know if someone is a cynical person.

inside every cynical person, there is the disappointed idealist george carlin quote

1. Pessimistic Thoughts Outweigh Optimism

Cynical people automatically assume that any task or action they are about to take part in is going to end badly. Throughout the course of any action, they are constantly pondering about the worst case scenario. Their negativity consumes them whole and they seldom put any effort in making it right. They would rather just keep expecting the worst failure possible.

2. Prepare for the Worst

Preparing for the worst is not a bad feat. Over confident people often lack this valuable trait. But, constantly expecting everything to go wrong and preparing for the worst every time is not a useful trait. If you too are worried about what’s the next worst feat to knock your doorsteps, you might be a cynic.

3. Discourage Everyone Else

Cynical people are ridiculously cautious, and that could prove useful at times. But, they just simply take it over board. When someone tells them about a new start-up or some amazing adventure they are planning to take; they immediately predict the worst outcome without even hearing them out clearly. They can be absolutely discouraging with their over conservative irritatingly-cautious point of view.

4. Finding Someone Else to Blame

Cynical person constantly find fault in everything and everyone. They cannot help but predict the worst possible outcomes and are often pre-occupied with negativity. However, they seldom find anything to be their fault. They constantly find someone else to blame. When there is no one to blame, they blame the situation, curse their luck, but will never admit something to be their fault.

5. Suspicious About Everyone

cynical people are suspicious about everyone

Cynical people are unable to think about the positivity. They always think something is shady and ponder on the possible dark sides. Granted, they might be right now and then, but they are constantly suspicious about everyone around them and will think twice before accepting someone’s nicety.

6. Celebrations are Negative Signs

This is just absurd to even think about for normal people. Life is a circle and what goes around comes around. But, cynics are so focused on the negativity that they consider any kind of happiness and celebrations to be the sign of the sorrow soon to come. Instead of making the most of happy time, they are paralyzed with the thought of the sadness soon to arrive and are often busy mentally preparing themselves.

7. Only Positive with Motive

Cynics are negative beings, but it does not mean that they are incapable of humane actions like positive compliments or appreciating someone’s well deeds. However, they are incapable of such actions without a motive. Whenever a cynic is complimenting someone, it’s always with a condition or a motive. It’s basically false compliments to satisfy their own needs.

8. There’s No Such Thing as Goodness

Goodness of heart and kindness are all vain words out of a fairy tale in the eyes of a cynical person. They do not accept that somebody has helped someone or made a contribution without any selfish reasons. They even doubt the closest people in their lives, like friends and family. If you are constantly suspicious and are worried about everyone conspiring against someone, you are a cynic.