13 Signs to Identify a Stoner

As an occasional “recreational” marijuana consumer myself, I often wonder about how many of my co-workers smoke weed and who is high right now? It does not necessarily take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that mystery, but not everyone is aware about the basic signs portrayed by a Stoner. And often times, signs of marijuana consumption are misread. There is no particular symptom that will tell you for sure that you are in a midst of smokers. For instance, somebody with a red eye does not necessarily mean he has consumed weed in the past few hours, as it could simply be an allergy. However, if you are observant enough to some of these basic signs, you will have a lot easier time to identify a stoner. However you choose to use this piece of information is completely up to you. I, myself, would suggest using it for “recreational” purposes. Of course this does not apply for all smokers, but most of the smokers do seem to share these same set of traits.

stoner smoking weed.

1. Hippy Dress-up

This is an instant give-away for most smokers. While full time employees and the ones who dress up in uniform, if smokers, contradict this, most smokers tend to be comfortable dressing up in baggy pants, grunge dress-up, unmanaged long hairs, you get the gist. Also, anyone who has too many Bob Marley and some form of Reggae printed T-shirts, are highly likely to be “pot” smokers.

2. Always Carry a Lighter

Carrying a lighter does not always mean that person smokes pot. But, if they don’t smoke cigarettes or walk around with lit candles, there is only one explanation for the lighter.

3. Holding Cigarettes

Unlike the normal smokers, who hold their cigarettes between their index and middle finger, weed smokers mostly hold their cigarettes between their thumb and index finger. Force of habit, after hitting countless number of joints I presume.

4. Red – Eye

Chemicals present in Marijuana expand the blood vessels in the eye. And, no it is not dangerous or scary as it sounds. But, that is the reason pot smokers have bloody red eyes.

5. Look Tired and Exhausted

Extensive consumption of Marijuana disrupts the later phases of our regular REM sleep-cycle. This phase is most responsible for re-energizing us once we wake up. This lack of sleep thus results in exhaustion and weary face.

6. Calm Smiling Face

It’s really hard to see a pot smoker in a bad mood. They are always smiling and calm. They come up with wittiest jokes and can easily lighten the mood in the room. Paranoid and anxious smokers are the ones who didn’t know when to stop. Taken in the right amount will leave you joyous for hours.

7. Skinny Body

Ok, this isn’t exactly a symptom to determine if someone is a smoker. But, weed smokers usually have skinny body. And it’s not the “lack of appetite” skinny. People can usually figure out when someone is “weed skinny”, partially cause they instantly depict other symptoms of a smoker. Not all skinny people are potheads, but, a skinny guy in a hippy dress-up with red eyes most probably is.

8. Burnt Finger Tips and Burnt Lips

Burnt does not necessarily go for the literal meaning here. It simply means slightly burnt black marks around the finger tips and lips.

9. Dreads

Having dreads does not necessarily define weed smoker. But, if some-one has dreads then they most probably are. Be sure to check the other symptoms, red-eye, and weary eyes among others before accusing anyone of marijuana intoxication.

10. Sun Glasses All the Time

It’s probably cause of the red, weary eyes or the feeling of being unrecognizable. But pot smokers usually wear sun-glasses all the time. I have a friend who clarified it as, “Evenings are just a little darker afternoon and street lights can hurt the eyes”. How logical it seemed at the time.

11. Intelligent Talks

I think this one holds true for every single weed consumer around the globe. They always have something intelligent to say about everything, no matter how irrelevant it is. But, the manner in which they talk is so soft and smooth; you have to pay attention to it.

12. Smell

Most stoners, who smoke every day, smell like weed. It might not be as clear to the non-smokers as the weed smell mixed with million different things can smell just out of ordinary. But, even if just a fraction, the smell is always there.

13. Just Ask

If you want to find out if someone smokes weed, just ask. They won’t mind admitting it, unless to a cop, teacher, parents or boss. They are totally cool about it. In fact, most weed smokers know so much about weed and its benefits, they share their point of view like they are advocates for weed legalization.

These general traits should be enough to find out if someone you know consumes marijuana. Although, if you are a smoker yourself, you just know when someone else around you is a smoker. It’s like the Stoner’s sixth sense.