Signs of a Negative Person

We cannot always choose the situations we go through in life, but, we can definitely choose the company around us. How or what we turn out in life is largely influenced by the company we keep. Negative people can be extremely tough to deal with. I am not talking about those who occasionally give you real talk about your life, which could be negative remarks or criticism. Instead, I am talking about those who are negative from the core and aren’t able to see positivity in anything.

negative people always see the worse part of life

It’s best to avoid negative people from life entirely. Most of us however, might fail to recognize them. Here are some signs of a negative person. If you happen to encounter someone with one or all of these traits, run like hell to prevent yourself from being engulfed in the fire of negativity.

1. Negativity is in their character

Negativity is not just once in a blue moon incident for them. It’s in their very nature. If you have only met the person a few times, you might even consider their feedbacks to be just a negative feedback from a positive person. But, in reality they are constantly negative and they will continuously spread their negativity to everyone.

2. They aren’t negative about any particular thing, but everything

It’s normal to have a setback in an aspect of life and show frustration. Sometimes, our anger might be dedicated to any particular individual or organization. Negative people on the other hand, are completely different beings. In a way, they do not discriminate and will be upset about everything in and around their life. Whether it’s the traffic, work, romance or some other aspect of their life, you will not hear them not-complaining, ever.

negative person keeps complaining about everything

3. No compliments

They cannot and will not compliment anything. Even if they enjoyed a fantastic party, they will always find something bad to point out. So, if they do add few compliments here and there, there is a good chance they will immediately ruin it with follow-ups that begin with “but”, “perhaps”, among others.

4. No plans for the Future

Negative people are seldom excited about anything, including their future. They will use every opportunity to comment on your vision, but will never have something of their own. Their negativity consumes them so much; they have no sense of excitement towards their future. And, if they do manage to think about it, they are consumed with the never ending worries.

5. They appear to be against everything

Another key sign of a negative person is that they are against everything. They know what they stand against; hate just comes naturally to them. But, they won’t know what they stand for. When you find someone unable to show their support for anything positive in life, do accept that they are living in the world of negativity and you should stop hanging out with them.

6. Lack of personal achievements

There are a lot of factors affecting accomplishments or success of a person. But, it is pretty clear that when someone is full of negative thoughts, he will not be able to accomplishing much, or even stay in the same career for a long while. These people usually have long history of other jobs, financial trouble and so on. Their anger consumes them and resides inside the mind. Their negativity is the main thing holding them back.

7. You feel the negativity rubbing off on you

This might be little unorthodox for everyone of you. But, there are some people, like your romantic partner, who give you instant pleasure and happiness just thinking about them. Even seeing their name on the caller ID will make you think of excuses to not receive the call. Whenever you talk to them, you feel like their negativity is rubbing off on you and you begin to feel your happiness and energy sucked out of you. This will make you weak and you will lose control over your positive sense.