6 Smart Ways to Deal with Toxic People


Do you know someone who constantly drags you down?

Aren’t you tired of the people who belittle you no matter what you do?

They are the people who like to push your buttons, causing you distress.

Don’t let the toxic people get to you. Here are six smart ways you can deal with them.

Ask yourself This: Do I Need This Person in my Life?

People who don’t even care about your well-being or don’t uplift you should not be in your social circle. They bring you down, that’s what they do best.

These people are venomous, spewing nothing but poison in your life. Do you really want to keep these people in your life?

If you’re tired of someone always underestimating your worth and making you feel ‘not good enough’, you need to decide if you really need this person in your life.

Manage Your Emotions

Toxic people drive you to the edge and push you over.

More often than not, a conversation with them leaves a bad taste in your mouth. They make you wish that you never started the conversation in the first place.


Having a sense of self-worth is crucial when dealing with toxic people. If you do not realize your own worth then, you believe anything and everything they say.

If they say you’re never going to make it, you’ll believe it. Won’t you?

Don’t let them have that power over you.

When the toxicity gets too real, you should seriously consider approaching the person with an emotional detachment.

Don’t Expect More

Toxic people are never there for you, they let you down every time. But you forgive them and compromise because you’re the better person. Why do you keep expecting that this person will come through and finally understand what you are going through?

Do yourself a favor.

Lower your expectations and save yourself from disappointments. Lord knows there have and will be many.

Don’t Be a Doormat

Some people load all their life drama onto you.

When they wallow in their problems, they want everyone to attend their pity party.

man shouting at woman

Don’t be a doormat to these people.

You are not going to sit there and listen to these people go on and on about how troubled their lives are, when you have so much to deal with on your own.

Of course people need a shoulder to cry on and you should be good to them but that doesn’t mean they can disregard your feelings and your heartbreaks just to make themselves feel better.

Be Self-Aware

Toxic people are often the ones who are living in their past.

As a result of living in the past, they feel miserable and they will try to get you to company them to their past.

Even when you care about this person, you cannot let them ruin you like this. Remain self-aware and don’t let their toxicity into your life.

The rule of ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ doesn’t apply here.

Rise Above

Toxic people cause havoc in your mind. They are rude and downright hurtful.

They watch you fall apart and most times are the very reason for it.

They are irrational and chaotic.

They fixate on your weakness and magnify them as if you didn’t know about them already.

Train yourself to rise above these people and don’t let their condescending remarks get to you.