Are you an Introvert

Ever wondered why some people are just not that into group conversations or seem detached when in social situations? Or is it you who prefer to spend your weekends curled up with a good book rather than going out to meet people?

There is really nothing to worry about. You just happen to be an introvert.

Introverts sometimes get a bad rep for their reserved and detached conduct. Simply put, they enjoy their own company and do not need the constant company of others.

These are some characteristic traits of an introverted person:

1. They love and crave solitude.

This is the most fundamental trait of an introvert. They love spending their downtime alone.

Whether they spend this time reading, studying, working, writing or exercising, an introvert prefers solitude and like having their personal space.

They don’t feel lonely even when they are alone. In fact, they feel lonelier when surrounded by a crowd.

But they do want to be around the few right people in their lives with whom they have a deep connection.


2. They are distracted easily.

It’s easy for an introvert to zone out when they find the situation overwhelming or hectic.

Their level of focus decreases as stimulation increases, which is why they prefer to work in a quiet environment.

3. Being around people for extended time drains them.

Because an introvert likes solitude, there is a misconception that they don’t like people. They will likely avoid large groups of people but are great at one on one conversation.

Even when they are spending time with people they are fond of, an introvert feels drained after a certain period of interaction.

Also, they aren’t necessarily shy. Their energy is centered within themselves and they find it depleting when they are around people after a certain period of time. When they do participate in social events, they will want to be alone after to recharge themselves.

woman watching sunset

4. They hate small talk.

An idle chitchat is not an introvert’s cup of tea.

They like to have meaningful conversations and connect to people at a deeper level. For example, when they go to a party, rather than making small talk with new people, they like having a good time with the small group of friends they are already comfortable with.

5. They have a very few close friends.

An introvert prefers to have a few close friendships, usually not more than two. They are loyal to these people and trust them deeply.

A very characteristic trait among introverts is that they differentiate between acquaintances and friends. Instead of forming a superficial social circle, they want to have authentic and long-lasting friendships with few close friends.

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6. They are drawn to extroverts.

Because extroverts are the complete opposite, an introvert often finds them intriguing. They are attracted to their outgoing personality and loves this trait in a partner.

7. They are usually labeled as quiet and reserved.

Other people often describe an introvert as quiet, aloof, mellow and shy. Because they don’t like to interact with many people at once, they come off as reserved in a group conversation.