Types of People You Meet at a New Year’s Party

New Year officially signals the beginning of new legends. It’s bound to start with a bash. And where there is a party, you are bound to meet all kinds of folks, weird folks, not-so-weird folks – who are so un-weird they in fact seem weird.

The thought that another year has ended with no real achievements whatsoever somehow motivates them to get their freak on. And, it turns into a fiesta for everyone to bring out their weirdest self, or in other words, their TRUE SELF.

These are the obvious ones who always stand out at a party, and you just didn’t have an idea on how to categorize them.

Man Candy


This is the guy who’s got it going and no girl can stop staring at him. He dances well and acts gentleman-ly. But, every other guy in the room will have categorized him as the “High-and-Mighty” type.

Weirdo who thinks He’s a Man Candy


Contrary to the previous one, this is the guy everyone thinks a bum, but he thinks he’s got every girl in the room in his grasp. Not realizing he is full of himself, it could be fun to keep a watch on him, as he gets turned down again and again.

Female Candy


She’s the female version of the man candy. Now, there are two types of these girls. One of them thinks she is the life of the party and everyone should just bow down to “her-majesty”.

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The other one will be minding her own business, with guys lining up to light her cigarette and pour her drinks.
Both the ladies will have every man in the party drooling with their seductive dance moves.

Unsocial Network


The quiet ones always there, watching, listening, but mostly just busy with their phones, and why shouldn’t they be when Oprah or Obama might be calling them any minute.

Couples that Need to Get a Room


Watching some couples will sting your eyes. Especially, if you’ve got no date and can’t think of an icebreaker to approach someone. As the night gets longer and bottles start emptying, these couples will completely disregard everything around them. You know it.

The Puke-r

If you can’t handle your drink, why even bother drinking. These are usually the shot drinkers. They seem to be all high and mighty for the first couple of hours. But, with time, they will have messed up the bathroom, only the bathroom if you are lucky.

The Mystery Folks

This one goes for its literal meaning. Even if it’s a house party of someone you know, there are mystery guys and girls walking around. And, nobody’s bothered to introduce you to them. If you have no idea whose party it is, you are the mystery folk everyone will be wondering about.

Mr. /Ms Know It All


The know-it-all attitude usually kicks in after few drinks. And, if you are one of those caught up in their circle nodding your head, I pity you.

The Cool Gang


Well, not everyone is a weirdo. Just kidding, they all are. But, you will probably find a few who are just as weird as you are. So, your kind of weirdoes are the cool gangs. Whether it’s your friends or someone new, stay long enough and you are more than likely to hit it off with your kind of people.

My Advice

Find the cool gang and stick with them for the rest of the night, and laugh at everyone else. Also, if you are single, man-up and talk to the female candy. Who knows, she might even be looking forward to it.