What should you not take during a Hangover

Hangovers are a common thing, especially with New Year on the rise. The parties are going to lineup and each day after one is going to be painful, literally. As common as hangovers are, it seems that so are the hangover remedies around the world. People tend to have basic ideas on their head about what they should and shouldn’t do during a hangover. Unsurprisingly, most of these self-assumed remedies are nothing but myths.

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One could even publish a book on how to take care of hangovers. Here we have trimmed it down to the following – what shouldn’t be done or taken during a hangover, to help you try and debunk some of the myths.

Don’t Drink Too Much Coffee

Contrary to the popular belief, pouring coffee down your throat will not sober you up. Too much of caffeine can, instead, make the matters worse, as it will further dehydrate you.

What should you do instead?

  • Only drink a cup of espresso. The caffeine will help take care of your hangover, without dehydrating you.

Don’t Exercise

Most people live by the notion that no matter what you are going through, a good workout will always make you feel better. This is one of the stupidest myths when it comes to taking care of hangover. As you sweat, dehydration will increase, making you feel worse. So, not a good idea.


What should you do instead?

  • Stretching your hands and legs to relax your shoulder muscles and back is okay. But, don’t exert yourself too much.

Don’t Take Acetaminophen

Taking acetaminophen is an absolute no-no. To put it briefly, while intoxicated your liver is busy processing alcohol, so the toxic compound causes havoc on your liver. It might even cause permanent damage.

What should you do instead?

  • It’s alright to take painkillers if you need to switch from drunk-hungover mode into a functional human being. But do use doctors prescription before using strong painkillers.

Don’t Eat Fatty Food (Bacons and Sausages)

Filling your belly with these types of food is deemed to be an effective cure for hangover. It does distract your stomach, but with no vital nutrients, there is not going to be any significant improvement in your energy level.

Don’t Eat Carbohydrate filled Foods

Carbohydrate filled snacks does release feel-good chemicals in the brain, but these are not going to sit well inside you. And, you are going to be making return trips to the, yup! You guessed it, Toilet throne.

Don’t Eat Before you Sleep

Eating after drinking alcohol lowers hangover next day is a popular myth going about for ages. What really happens is, your digestive system is slowed down because of alcohol presence in your blood stream. This could then invite a series of problems.

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What should you do instead?

  • The idea that the food will “soak-up” the alcohol only happens if you eat food with lots of fat before you start drinking. There is a chance you won’t be able to drink as much when your belly is full. But, it’s for the best.

Don’t Drink to take care of the Hangover

Initially, a peg will take care of the withdrawal symptoms making you feel better. But, over time, you will have worse things to worry about than your hangover.

What should you do instead?

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  • Having a glass of beer, or better yet a small glass of wine has been known to be a good cure of hangover. But, it’s best to avoid alcoholic beverages all together when you are trying to get over your hangover. You might develop a form of addiction on the long run.