Why We Should Give-Up Cynicism

Cynics are more alert about the surrounding situations and are always vigilant about everyone’s motives. This can help them be wary of back stabbers, and be exploited by anyone. Cynicism is a defensive mechanism. A little bit of cynicism can help us be realistic about things and takes us a long way. However, too much of it can cast off negativity in our life. There is much to lose than to gain by being a cynic.

cynical person

Imagine living in completely darkness and being alert at the mere sight of light somewhere in the distance. That is exactly what cynicism is; if we consider positivity to be light and negativity to be darkness. Here are some note-worthy effects of cynicism.

Health Risks

Research has shown that, those with high levels of cynicism have higher risk of developing Dementia. Higher levels of cynicism can be associated with mistrust for everyone, suspicious about everyone’s intentions and so on. Scientific evidence has also claimed that people with high levels of cynicism are linked to greater links of mortality. Other health risks include various heart related problems, cancer and so on. Our personality and views on life can impact our life in all manners. “We are only as strong as we are.” If we constantly consider ourselves prone to different kinds of health diseases, then without a doubt we will have further more chance of catching it.

Earning Opportunities

You may have been considering yourself protected due to your cautiousness. In the real world, it also has its fair amount of benefits. You might be a realist and might prevent a series of problems probable, had it not been for your caution. But, you are also shutting yourself out of the opportunities. American Psychological Association conducted a study to check the financial earnings of a cynical person. And the results were clear, cynical people were found to make less money in comparison to those who are more trusting. The researchers believe that in a normal working environment, those who are willing to work together as a team and take a leap of faith towards new business ventures thrive and are more successful. While the cynical people fail to do so due to their mistrusting characteristic, they tend to fall behind. Only place where a cynic could be successful is if everyone around them is also a cynic, having to watch out for cheaters and back stabbers.

Personal Relations

We have all been let-down a few times. Romantic let-downs and heart breaks tend to stick with us for a long time, at least until we can find someone to form a close connection with. The heart-break then leads to creating an armor of cynicism to prevent ourselves from going through that same phase again. But, when we take a close look at it; although it might seem like we are preventing ourselves from falling victim to the wrong person, we are also ruining our chances of forming a close relation with someone. When we are optimistic about meeting new people and forming new bonding, although we are vulnerable, our chances of meeting someone trustworthy is also heightened. On the contrary however, when we are full of mistrust and keep expecting the worst, we will no doubt attract the worst. Even the right person will get tired of the mistrust and cynicism. Universe works in mysterious ways, and we often have the power to decide what we get. Setting off positive or negative vibes has a significant effect in our lives.

Change and Improvement

Having doubts about our own abilities can help us improve in life. But, never building enough confidence to consider oneself worthy is only going to push us behind. We have to be able to accept new change and be willing to take a leap of faith once in a while. Cynical people tend to get used to the daily routine anything out of ordinary might scare them and make them wary, especially when another person is involved. Cynicism is what holds back those who are battling with addiction. They have their mindset that nobody can help them and they are unable to help themselves, which will only prolong their problem. We have to leave cynicism behind if we desire to take a step towards new and better.