9 Things Women Hate About Men

Men and women have a completely different thought process and there is a difference in the way they communicate. Men, in general, are shallow beings and their lack of understanding often annoys their female counterparts. Of course any list of things women hate about men would probably be endless. Here, I have taken the liberty to scribe down few of things about men that most annoys women.

Woman getting angry with man

Men who do not Take Care of Their Body

Looks aren’t everything, and women do not necessarily go for looks. But, it is a complete turn-off when you do not take care of your body, groom yourselves and just maintain your hygiene. Not maintaining your physical appearance generally gives out the idea that you have no discipline, and no respect for yourself.

Commitment Issues

Men are shallow beings and tend to be commitment phobic. Usually, women prefer to get exclusive when you guys start getting serious, and definitely won’t appreciate the unnecessary drama and hold up. Even though you are serious, if you can only talk romantic during sex, she is going to get even more annoyed. But, if she is still hanging on to you, acknowledge that she absolutely loves you.

Talking Vulgar

Most women have no problem with the occasional use of foul language as a show of frustration or anger. They do not fancy men who consistently use offensive language. It’s definitely not the only way to be expressive and it shows lack of manners and respect for everyone around.

Checking Out Other Women

It’s not that women do not check out other men, but they do it so subtly it’s impossible to notice. While men on the other hand lack that sense of subtlety. They could hold hands with their girlfriend and still turn their head around 360 to check out a hot body. That is definitely going to annoy your woman.

Selective Hearing

Science has proven that women are much better at multi-tasking than men. Regardless, we have all tried eating, watching TV, using the computer while she is trying to have a communication. It’s really marvelous our brain does. It only takes in selective information and we appear as if we were only pretending to listen. This is going to twitch every nerve in her body.

Mentioning Ex

You must have had great relationships with your ex, but bringing up bits of information here and there is only going to annoy and offend her. Be clear to never mention anything about your ex-es out of your own free will. She is going to hate your ex without even knowing who she is. Plus, she is still going to be annoyed when she is the one asking about your past. Mentioning anything about your ex-girlfriends is like casting a shadow in your present relationship.

Forgetful Nature

Men can remember the football match from 15 years ago, but the tiny details often tend to skip from our brain. Women do not appreciate this at all, even though they might forgive you for the simple things. However, when things get worse, and suppose you miss her birthday or anniversaries, your action or lack of it will be associated with your lack of respect for her. She will feel unimportant, disappointed and anger at the recurring forgetful nature of yours.

Showing off

Showing off is the natural instinct of every male living being. The primary objective of men is to impress women and they do not hesitate to go to any lengths of showing off to achieve it. Some men have the tendency to repeatedly boast about their athletic victories, new car, and number of exes and so on. While male friends might be impressed with it, female counterparts are going to be irritated and annoyed.

Repeatedly Bringing up Sex

The part of the brain which thinks about sex is 2.5 times larger in men than in women. So, obviously we are going to think about sex more often. Men often have this understanding in their head that every mutually satisfying conversation or activities should automatically lead to sex, which apparently is not the case. And, we as men, have no sense of “learning from the mistakes” regarding the matter, which means of course everything is going to be related with sex. Although, this might seem funny to women in the beginning, this could get pretty irritating after a while, especially if the men are too pushy about their desires.