7 Signs You are in Friend Zone for Guys

Friend zone is not as bad as internet has made it seem, but, it is definitely the fate no one wishes.Having crush on someone who think you only as a friend sucks. It happens to many people, and there is no shame in it. Both the genders suffer this terrible fate, once in a while (but guys more often). And, while there are various ways to get out of the friend zone for good, it’s better to never fall into the F zone altogether. If you see any of these signs with the person you want to develop a relationship with, either do something to get out of the friend zone or just move on and save a heart break.

Friend zone is hot topic in internet

Plain texting

Our generation has taken immense fascination to texting, and it’s easier to text someone to get out rather than knock their door. You get the gist. While texting is cool and all, if you haven’t even heard the voice of your crush on phone, that’s not a good sign. If she neglects your desire to talk to her/him and she would rather text, you guessed it; you are in the friend zone.
Also, do you just text or, does it involve lot of sexting too? Flirting is too common and there are virtually no exceptions, however, texting is bound to turn into sexting when you like someone. Unless of course, you have been marked in the friend zone.

You do what she wants

While it’s nice to be nice and kill your desires to do whatever she wants. That’s never going to end up well for you. If you are always hanging out in the mall(her shopping), her favorite, watching the movies of her choosing, it’s pretty obvious, you are already in the no man’s land – the Friend-zone. If someone likes you, they will go beyond their comfort zone to do what you want. Relationships start with a certain balance of give and take. If you are always the one making sacrifices, just don’t complain about being treated like her gay best friend.

Too many favors

It’s one thing when you hang out doing what she wants, but you have stooped to the whole new level when she is continuously asking you for favors. It’s fine if she is asking for some favor out of some extreme urgency, however, if she is repeatedly pulling your strings for countless favors, back out. A girl who likes you will never make you do these non-romantic favors. She will be content on winning you over, and she will definitely take her dog out herself, or find someone else for a ride.
You might think you are being nice by fulfilling all her smallest needs, but that will never win her over, in fact she will lose all her respect for you.

She rejects 1:1 meeting

If she is always too busy when you ask her to meet in a cafe, or bar, or movies, wherever, she definitely doesn’t want anything to do with you. And, by some miracle, when she does agree to hang out, and brings her friend/friends with her, you are barking up the wrong tree, bro. She is denying you any chance to make your move. In other words, she isn’t interested, move on.

Talking about problems comfortably

An interested lady will do her best to not let you see her in vulnerable times. That’s what she shares with her friends. If your crush calls you to tell you about the hot guy in her class, and how he seems to be dating someone else. You are already in the friend zone. If she texts you the pictures of her dress and wants your opinion on the way she looks, she only looks at you as a friend and has no intentions of being romantically involved with you.


If your crush call you “buddy”, “champ”, “bro”, “sis”, whatever you did to woo her definitely didn’t work and you have fallen into the no-man’s land – The friend zone. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your crush will never develop romantic feelings for you, but for the present your chances seem too far-fetched.

Your crush talks about the guy he likes

This has to be the most obvious sign. Admiring some celebrity or TV persona is one thingl, but, if they constantly keep talking about the guy/girl they fancy, and also say things like “I am never gonna find anyone”, there is a good chance you are in the friend zone. This doesn’t necessarily mean that any kind of relationship is impossible between you two, however, she/he definitely does not see you fit on a romantic level.