Being Friend-Zoned It’s Your Fault for Guys

According to Internet, friend zone is the worse fate anyone could encounter. While men and women both might fall victim to the, much hyped, friend zone, the victims are mostly men. We as men are generally kind hearted and won’t say no to a date, however, female versions of the human breed will easily break your heart and push you down the friend zone, you so desperately tried to escape from. But, why is everyone you know in a relationship, while you are stuck on the friend zone? I won’t go as far as to say, “You got no game, brah”, but, It’s your fault. So, next time you start ranting about how you got stuck in a friend zone, ask yourselves, “What did you do wrong?” or better yet, “Did you do anything right?”

Friend zone is hot topic in internet

Did you tell her?

Before you start complaining about how someone put you in the friend zone, after everything you have done for her, let me ask you, “Did you tell her?” Does she know that you like her? No? Guess whose fault that is? There are two common ways to end up n a friend zone.

One is, you are extremely attracted to someone, but you do not have the guts to ask her out and you decide to wait for the perfect timing. In which case, even if the girl is attracted to you, will probably move on from you and you are stuck. This doesn’t even need any explaining. You like someone, you tell them. If they like you they will go out with you, if they don’t, you can move on to someone else. I understand how this is easier said than done, but man up guys, no guts – no glory.

The second is, you are friends with someone, and you slowly figure out how beautiful that person is and you get attracted to that person. Only, this is highly unlikely. Attractions are random and instantaneous. It doesn’t take a year or even a month to figure out if you are attracted to someone. In an exceptionally rare case scenario, where you do manage to get out of a friend zone after, say – six months. It’s your fault you were stuck there for so long. Had you expressed your feelings/desires earlier, you wouldn’t have needed to suffer the constant torment of being in the friend zone.

You are too nice

Where most guys go wrong with girls they are attracted to is, they start being too nice. But, being nice doesn’t necessarily mean you should get laid for it. Being nice should be natural, it is a simple human gesture, and there are no rewards for being nice, plain and simple as that. If you want to woo someone, stop acting like her errand-boy. Here’s what I imagine the game-plan is for guys who try to take it slow.

  • Be there for her every time. Make her the center of your world.
  • Listen to her problems. Talk for hours about her personal life and her exes.
  • Spend time with her, as friends.
  • Keep doing other nice things. Some more nice things.
  • Be such a good friend that she is bound to fall for you, and she will kiss you one of these days like in the movies.

I cannot even begin to describe how this is such a terrible plan. I could feel my fingers screaming at the horror of this. If this is how you plan to woo someone, then you have no right to complain about being stuck in the friend zone. You need a massive overhaul with your game plan. In a rare case scenario this plan does work, I can’t help but think how emotionally manipulated she will have to be, to fall for you.

If you are feeling ridiculously stupid and helpless right about now, start with this; stop laughing at her stupid jokes. Nut up, and tell her it’s not funny. Be mean (just don’t cross the asshole line), show her you are in control, most girls will like that. Getting laid is not a laughing matter, do not take it lightly and stop it with your “Ha-has”.

The most important thing you can do to never be stuck in the friend zone is amazingly simple. Find some courage and ask her out. If she says yes, wonderful, if not, you can still move on without being trapped in the friend zone.