Cabbage Juice for Peptic Ulcer

cabbage juice in jar, cabbage juice for peptic ulcer

Cabbage is a seemingly usual yet greatly nutritious vegetable. Packed with elements that strengthen your immune system and keeps you healthy. It helps to prevent and fight various health conditions ranging from headaches to cancer.

Research has showed that cabbage juice is beneficial in healing several stomach problems including ulcer. The magical element called the ‘antiulcer U factor’ present in it helps to cure it. Peptic ulcer is a wound in inner lining of the stomach, duodenum (upper part of small intestine) that takes away mucous membrane covering it resulting in inflammation. According to Stanford University School of Medicine, consuming a quart (946 ml) of fresh cabbage juice on a daily basis cured gastric as well as duodenal ulcers quickly.

Cabbage juice has been considered best for treating peptic (stomach) ulcers. Research found that a liter of fresh cabbage juice per day helps in ulcer healing in just 10 days. Researchers believe that it is because of the high glutamine amount contain in the juice that helps in treating these ulcers.

Here are the reasons why Cabbage Juice is considered best for treating peptic ulcer.

girl with cabbagejuice, cabbage juice for peptic ulcer

Looks after your Mucous-membrane in Stomach

Cabbage juice loaded with several essential substances protects your mucous-membrane (a thin layer of skin) in stomach. It boosts up the discharge of mucus from the inner layer of the stomach and helps to reduce the risks of ulcer. Choose fresh red, green or purple cabbages to make juice out of. The most beneficial ones are summer and spring cabbages.

Solution for Vitamin Deficiency

When you suffer from ulcer, you may have symptoms of vitamin insufficiency. Cabbage containing several vitamins can cure vitamin deficiency problems. Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Vitamin A are some from many vitamins and minerals found in cabbage. Vitamins A aids in fixing your mucosal obstruction problem in the stomach. Other help by improving the discharge of mucus from the inner layer of the stomach.

Reinforces the Good Bacteria

good bacteria in cabbage juice, cabbage juice for peptic ulcer

If your body lacks useful bacteria, it cannot fight with the disease-causing bacteria that can reason in different diseases including ulcers. To strengthen the good bacteria located in the gastrointestinal area, you need to consume lactic acid foods. Cabbage juice is considered as the best lactic acid food. In one of the researches, it was proved that cabbage juice can cure ulcer by more than 92 percent compared to other standard treatments.

Cures Mineral Deficiency

Cabbage offers several necessary minerals like zinc, calcium, manganese, as well as phosphorus. When you suffer from ulcer, you may also have signs of mineral insufficiency. Cabbage containing several essential minerals especially zinc can help in healing of wounds caused by ulcers.

All in all, Cabbage juice containing powerful ‘anti-ulcer’ ingredients has proven to help cure ulcers in humans.