How to Build Self Confidence

More often than not, success goes hand in hand with confidence. Self-confidence is a character trait that is admired and desired by all. It cannot be learned like a textbook lesson, it is more of a state of mind. However, confidence is a life skill that can be mastered over time.

Here are some useful tips that can help you build your self-confidence

Stay positive.

A positive mindset can take you a long way. Don’t underestimate the power of positive thinking.

Negative thinking damages your self-confidence to a great extent and by thinking negative you’re only putting yourself down. So cheer up and allow yourself to be optimistic.

positive message

Dress to the nines

Looking your best will definitely help you be more confident. It’s common knowledge that when you dress well and feel comfortable with how you look, your confidence level soars.

Also, dress appropriately, and make sure that you’re not only trying to impress others but yourself.

business suit

Mind your body language.

It’s a very simple idea and works like magic. Your confidence will take a boost if you just straighten up and stand tall. Smiling and appropriate eye contact also gives the impression of confidence.

Don’t rush when you’re speaking as it makes you seem eager to push the attention away from you, which reeks of low self-confidence. Instead, try speaking slowly and forming a clear thought in your mind before speaking.

people talking

Learn from your mistakes.

Stop beating yourself up for your past mistakes and accept that you have the power to move forward.

Treat failures like battle scars and don’t be afraid of them. Treat every mistake like a learning opportunity and you’ll never feel like a failure.

make mistakes - black and white

Stop comparing yourself to others.

There is no one alive who is youer than you. – Dr. Seuss

Send your inner critic on a long vacation. Whenever you start comparing yourself to the hotter ex, the more successful cousin, the taller sibling, the smarter colleague and so on, you are setting yourself up for a journey down the rabbit hole of self-doubt and insecurity.

What you can do instead is – own your accomplishments, appreciate your struggle and be inspired from other people.

nick vujcic speaking words of inspiration

Step out from your comfort zone.

Great things happen when you get out of the comforting space that you’re so used to dwelling in. Try new things, find new hobbies and meet new people. When you push the boundaries of the comfort zone, you’ll find yourself being more productive and more accepting of change which is great news for your self-confidence level.

comfort zone diagram

Accept compliments.

Get rid of the habit of putting yourself down. Next time someone makes a compliment don’t just brush it off with ‘it was really nothing’. Express gratitude and give back a compliment or two.

meme of accepting compliments

Do yourself a favor and start owning the great qualities that you possess. But you should never be cocky and show off your greatness to build your self-confidence which brings us to our next point.

Don’t be arrogant.

You don’t have to make others feel bad when you’re out and about flaunting your self-confidence. Avoid the feeling of superiority and never forget that maybe other people are going through confidence issues themselves. Value your strengths but also inspire and compliment others.

hugh laurie cofidently arrogant