Confidence vs. Arrogance The Fine Line between Confidence and Arrogance


The line between confidence and arrogance is paper-thin. Your confidence can come off as arrogance or smugness to other people. Likewise, arrogance is also sometimes mistaken for confidence.

Being confident means believing your worth, without needing constant appraisal from others.

On the other hand, being arrogant is keeping your self-esteem afloat by putting others down or undermining their accomplishments in comparison to yours.

Confidence vs. Arrogance


The perception of other people is also sensitive in this matter as your confidence can easily be mistaken for arrogance by some. Being confident without coming off as arrogant is an essential life skill.

Arrogance requires advertising, confidence speaks for itself.

When you’re arrogant, people distance themselves from you because you’re too busy making yourself look good.

In contrast, if you’re coming from a place of self-confidence, you will not be threatened by other people and there’s no need for you to gloat about your accomplishments.

It is crucial that we know the difference between confidence and arrogance, because nobody wants to deal with arrogant people.

Confident People

Arrogant People

  • Don’t show off to feel good about their accomplishments and qualities
  • Like to draw attention to their accomplishments and qualities
  • Recognize their shortcomings and admit their mistakes
  • Try to cover up imperfections, deny weaknesses and find fault in others
  • Aren’t threatened by others’ strengths and successes
  • Feel insecure about their weaknesses and thus tend to look down on others’ strengths and successes to inflate their self esteem
  • Are open to constructive criticism and feedback
  • Feel superior to others and ignore suggestions and feedback
  • Know that they are just as good as everyone else
  • Think they are better than everyone else
  • Will praise and compliment others during conversations
  • Always try to one-up everything the other person says

Well, which one are you? Confident or Arrogant?