How to Make Aloe Vera Juice

how to make aloe vera juice

Aloe Vera is a short stem-less plant also named as ‘Natural Healer’. The best thing about this plant is that it can grow in various weather conditions and is imperishable until and unless the roots are totally smashed. Aloe Vera has a lot of benefits; especially it is used as sun-screen that lightens up your skin making it look brighter than usual.

Here is a simple recipe for making Aloe Vera juice at home


Serving: 2 Glasses

  • 3 to 4 leaves of Aloe Vera plant
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 cup lemon juice.
  • 1 tablespoons of white vinegar (optional)
  • Some ice cube (optional)
  • Lemon slices and mint leaves (optional) for garnish

Steps to make Aloe Vera Juice

Step 1

Take some leaves from an Aloe Vera plant.

aloe vera leaf

Step 2

Take a knife and cautiously peel off the skin from the leaves.

man cutting aloe vera leaf

Step 3

Extract the watery layer found just under the skin of the leaves. You can also take out the watery layer dipping the leaves for some time in a white vinegar solution mixed with a cup of water.

Step 4

Collect the clear gel of Aloe Vera in a vessel after discarding the skin of the leaves.

aloe vera gel

Step 5

Use a blender, to blend Aloe Vera gel with a cup of water and a cup of lemon juice. Optionally, you can also add a tablespoon of white vinegar.

blender to blend aloe vera juice

Step 6

Pour the Aloe Vera juice into a glass and enjoy. You can also add some ice cubes if you want and garnish iy with lemon slices and mint leaves.

glass with ice and aloe vera juice and lemon

Enjoy the healthy Aloe Vera juice and stay healthy.