8 Signs You Have Found Your True Love

True love is very rare these days. We have made rules for love. Rules of similarities and rules of attraction are mainly regarded as the basis for love nowadays. We are using rules and logic to choose our partners, all the time using our mind to make decisions. Any love relationship that has certain rules and logic is not love because love comes direct from heart, not mind.

Some people are attracted to the outer looks while others are attracted to the intellectual minds. Also, people have their own preference for the kind of personality they choose. But when it comes to love, you do not care about the kind of mind, body and personality your partner possess. Actual love comes from a deeper level which cannot be expressed by words but only felt.

8 signs you've found your true love

If the following signs sound familiar, congratulations! You have found your true love.

1. Calm and happy

You don’t actually feel the rushes and butterflies in your stomach when you meet with your ‘love’. The rushes and butterflies are felt when your get attracted to someone. Many people take these feelings for falling in love but eventually after being in a relationship for a certain time, the so called love starts to fade. As the time passes, these feelings start to turn into anger, frustration, jealousy and fear of losing the partner. You actually feel clam and happy when you meet with your true love. You will be at utmost ease with this person.

2. Synchronization

You will start to encounter many coincidences and synchronization. Similar events and situations will start to occur in both of your lives. The events may be smaller or bigger. Sometimes, you will find your partner thinking the same thoughts as you. Sometimes, you both will start to sing the same song at the same time out of the blue. Your words will synchronize and many such coincidences will occur.

3. No opposites

There are no opposites of true love. Feelings of anger, resentment, fear, jealousy, insecurity, possessiveness, etc can be seen in most of the romantic relationships. These feelings are also the reasons why most relationships break. In love, these kinds of feelings don’t exist. There is no give or take in love. Simply, you love each other.

4. Goodbyes are hard

Once you’ve found your true love, it is very hard for you to say goodbye. Even if you meet every single day, you’ll find it very difficult to say bye at the end of the day. When you are with each other, you are complete. So, you do not want to be apart from your love even for a single moment.

5. One more kiss

Kissing never gets boring with your true love

After being in a romantic relationship for a year or so, you’ll start to find the kisses meaningless and even waste of time unless the kisses are the part of foreplay of having sex. In love, you never get tired of kissing each other. Even after being together for years, you’ll feel the same enthusiasm while kissing as you had felt it in your earlier days.

6. Full Commitment

You will have no doubts for commitment. Nothing in this world will be of higher importance than your love. Anything materialistic will make no sense to you when it comes to commitment. You may not say it aloud to your partner but you both can feel the vibrations of your committed love for each other.

7. Courage

If your love is true, nothing and no one can hinder it. Many problems may occur but you do not care for the society and what it thinks. You know that they do not understand the love and you make your peace with that. You may use precautions at first but if the problem arises anyway, you will not stand back and drift apart.

8. Nature conspires

nature conspires to bring true lovers together

True love is very rare but if any soul mates meet with each other, nature itself conspires get them both together. At first, you may not recognize your love as the feelings rushes and butterflies don’t occur; the deeper connection of your heart will get you both together over time.