How to End Bad Relationship in Right Way

Are you in bad relationship? Get out of it.

Increasing number of people taking relationships lightly have resulted to millions of unhappy and failed relationships worldwide. It’s always wise to save our relationship and keep it healthy. However, sometimes no matter how much we try, things do not work accordingly and relationships turn out to be burden. They tend to affect us mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Tips to get out of bad relationship

In such situations, following few solutions can help us to get out of bad relationship.

Have a clear cut, face to face conversation

People nowadays have started to take digital world as their virtual world. Many people feel it’s appropriate to end their relationships without even meeting their partners. This often leads to sudden shock, heartbreaks and confusions. For example, once my friend’s girlfriend told him to get over her through Facebook though they only live few blocks away. Though, my friend had idea that their relationship was on rocks but such abrupt breakup broke him. He is still hoping for her to come back as it does not seem real to him because he thinks if they meet things will turn out to be okay. Therefore, to prevent such heartbreaks and vagueness take a small trouble to arrange at least a short meet and have a clear cut face to face conversation.

No ‘blame game’

To avoid the bitterness and to stop finding reasons to cling to each other for the sake of proving the blames on oneself wrong, completely avoid blame games. Instead, accept what happened and plan to move on without hatred for each other. It’s always smart not to make matter worse by putting forth dissatisfactions and complaints for relationships you want to get out of. I myself have regretted a lot of times for pouring out the expectations I had from my partner and got a mouth full of his hurting response often leading to fights. Hence, it’s best to save feelings, time and effort on wrong people by not playing any blame game.

Put forth genuine reasons in a proper way

When we plan to get out of any bad relationship, we should make sure that the other person knows why the relationship has ended. Not only, it clears misunderstandings and heartbreaks but also helps the other person to realize why the relationship didn’t work. Genuine reasons should not be told harshly which often infuriates the other person and forces her/him to deny those reasons. Hence, we should act mature and should avoid making the other person seem responsible therefore show both each other’s failures to continue relationship.

If nothing works, pretend to be bored and unhappy

Some people are so adamant and get so habituated that they deny accepting their failed relationship and refuse to let go. Neither logic nor anything else makes them realize that they should break up the unhappy relationship. If you are with such person the only way to make them understand the necessity of moving on is to be pretend to be bored, uninterested and unhappy. This kind of behavior might dawn the urgency to get out of bad relationship in such person.