How To Move on From A Relationship

Getting over a relationship isn’t easy but it’s not impossible as well. Always remember before you found him/her you used to live alone and you were happy just by yourself. Don’t ever lose your hope on love because of one breakup. There is always Mr./Ms perfect waiting at the door for you. Don’t stay sad and choose to be happy.

Moving on with life

Here are a few things you should remember so that you can go back to normal life and get rid of the sadness that comes with the end of a loving relationship.


The first step is to accept that he/she is no more in your life to let go and move on .You must not ignore the fact that the person existed and meant a lot to you. Just accept and try to clear the past baggage. Connect the emotions with your heart, do not hide feelings inside you heart, and cry out aloud. After you are sure about the fact, slowly let it go

You deserve better

Remembering beautiful memories with him/her is good .Never regret for the time you smiled but don’t assume him/her to be the world for you .The large portion of sadness lays behind this fact about he/she meaning a world to you ,this might create a hope within yourself about having him/her again. Realize that love must be from both sides to have a happy ending, if you didn’t mean the world to him/her, don’t waste your time having same thoughts over again.

Hang out with your friends

Don’t make yourself alone, share moments with your close friends, hang out with them and realize the world beyond them. Enjoy every roller coaster you have been missing. Do the most incredible things with your friends .They are always there for you without any grudges, without any excuses.

Stop seeing him/her

If you are thinking of moving on by seeing him/her then you are adding more problems to your path . Stop making contact with him/her. At the beginning it might hurt you or give you pain but remember, the initial healing period of a wound is always painful

Don’t be an investigator

Don’t search around for the one they are dating. Do not seek their profiles to know about how well they have been doing without you. Your time is very precious for yourself, don’t waste it on your past.


Thing gets trapped in your head and it’s your own responsibility to dig it out. You must create new memories and meet new people to fill your head with interesting stuffs. Socialize and don’t compare with your past. There are amazing people with great stories .Explore, Learn and have fun.

Be ready for the next

In every relationship, it is natural to think that this is the most serious relationship you have ever been committed into but accept it, it’s not. You will be with the one who is willing to be with you. Don’t place a full stop in your heart, keep patience and get ready for the next. Don’t ever be in a relationship with the same old thoughts. Remember, a new house built with old bricks isn’t going to be strong.