Lust VS Love Know the Difference

Love and Lust has been the forever long dilemma among humans. More often than we would like to admit, we are greatly mistaken about our feelings. And, it’s easy to mistake lust for love. Both the times, we feel immensely attracted towards someone. The very thought of that person distracts us and we experience mental and emotional instability within us. The intense desire to have a bonding with that person clouds all rationality within us, especially in the early stages.

Researchers have now revealed that the feeling of lust and addiction to drugs work in the same way, as both circumstances light up the exact same areas of the brain. Lust, simply put, is an intense urge to engage in sexual encounter which causes the alteration in consciousness. When someone is lustful, they are incapable of seeing any flaws of the person they are attracted to. Their projection of reality is based in the fantasy of their own desires. Lust is completely based on physical attraction and sex appeal of the person. There is a good chance the feeling of lust might decrease when the person is forced to encounter non-sexual experiences with their desired partner. On the contrary, real love is not limited to the physical attraction. In fact, physical attraction holds only the slightest importance when there is ‘real love’.

Here are some of the signs of Lust and Love to further understand the topics in a precise manner.

Signs of Lust

  1. Physical attributes of a person holds great deal of importance. Good looks and attractive body are vital in the course of developing the feeling of lust towards someone. Whenever you feel like you have fallen in love at first sight. It’s most likely to be lust rather than love.
  2. While the prospect of engaging in sexual interactions are highly tempting for everyone. A real relationship calls for something much more. If you are not interested in having any sort of conversations and are only focused in having sex, it is lust.
  3. The feeling of lust occupies the mind in such a level that people begin to fascinate themselves in the world of fantasy. While the fantasy ‘bubble’ might seem wonderful, it won’t be a pretty sight when the bubble bursts alas. People engulfed in the feeling of lust are incapable of discussing real feelings and try to stay inside the warm fantasy bubble.
  4. It goes without saying that there is no love among two people only physically attracted with each other; however there is a chance that real feelings might develop over time. Lust might create lovers but, friendship is impossible.

Signs of Love

  1. There is much more to a relationship than just sex. You look forward to spend quality time together even when sex is off the table. The desire to spend quality time is a sign of love in a relationship. So, if you are still in confusion, you can definitely analyze this particular sign in your relationship.
  2. Conversations are pivotal for any relationship to evolve from its sexual grounds. If you enjoy countless hours of conversation and even lose track of time, you can be assured that your relationship has evolved beyond lust.
  3. While being a good listener comes naturally to some, getting to know someone on the serious note is often rare. But when you are in love, you want to know everything about each other. And, you actually try and make time to be a good listener.
  4. You know you are in love when you actually begin to take things seriously in life. It’s one thing to take someone’s advice and make a change and another to feel the need to change and be responsible. Love tends to do that to people, more often than one would like to admit.
  5. The prospect of getting involved in each other’s personal life is exciting. You deliberately look forward to meeting each other’s friends and families.

Love and Lust have been confusing humans since the beginning of time. These signs are by no means enough to completely differentiate the feelings. It takes a lot of patience and understanding for any couple to analyze their relationship and reach a definite conclusion. So, if you are confused about your feeling of immense attraction towards someone, what you need to do is take time and analyze your relationship to its core. Seeking help from the Internet is definitely a start but you would be wise to not come to any sort of conclusions simply by reading an article piece.